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[QUOTE=matahari]I was wondering if anyone has had and luck with Microdermabrasion and acne scars. Im thinking about doing them, but I want to get some feedback first before I pay $600 for the 6 week treatment :eek: . My acne is finally clearing up, but I still have the red scars that make me look like I am still all broken out. Can you do them it you still have a little bit of acne left? If so, would it help the rest go away? If you have a had these treatments, please post your comments! I have done all my "homework" on it, but I want to hear about personal experiences from all of you! :D[/QUOTE]

I did it to control my acne. I had 7 sessions, and it helped my acne I had clear up and my red marks "erased" to really really faint. It depends on how deep your marks are or how red/infected I guess. I liked it. I am going to get it done again once I clear up again to rid myself of the red marks, other wise if you still have acne, unless you keep getting it done on a regualar basis, your acne will come back and you will have wasted 700 dollars due to the fact that red marks keep coming. But yeah, I would say definatley give it a shot. I was pleased. :)

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