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I was just reading through everyone's post and I wanted to share some information. If you want to reduce your acne to managable point, you want to try these supplements.

1. Borage oil (cold compressed) 2 x day per 2 dose
2. Flax oil (cold compressed) 2x day per one dose
3. Evening primose oil 2 x day per one dose
4. Lecithin 2 x day per one dose
5. Zinc (Zinc Picolinate or Zinc Monothionine) 2 x day per one dose
6. Vitamin E (non-synthetic) 2 x day per one dose (be careful with vitamin E dosage. Too much can be very toxic to your body. If you take alot of vitamin E in your diet, balance it out with combined Zinc and Magnesium.)

You should increase the dosage of Borage, flax and primose oil in ratio till you see result. Intial dosage may make your feces and urine look red (it's alright). Once you see result, decrease dosage gradually till you are satisfied with your result. Since these supplements are all natural, you should continue supplementing till your acne goes away. By the way, DONNOT surpass the maximum dosage for each supplement.

Pls read this: (provided from the "Acne Miracle" by Leo Kiesen)

".......The magic 3

The process of prostaglandin production is still very little understood, and I don't pretend to understand it myself. But from extensive experimenting I've found thee most effective oils for balancing hormones are what I call the magic 3. The 3 oils are flax oil, primrose oil, and borage oil.

Why are they so effective? Well I'm not quit sure but my speculation is

Borage oil is the richest source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Evening primrose oil is also very rich in GLA. This fatty acid is rarely found in foods, and is an extremely common deficiency. In fact, I believe if you're not supplementing with it you're deficient...plain and simple. Combining borage and primrose oil gives you a good spectrum of essential omega-6 fatty acids. Also, these oils have secondary ingredients that seem to play a major role in hormonal balance.

Flax oil is the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids. So when you combine borage, primrose, and flax oil you get a full spectrum of both omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, and you're getting the key secondary ingredients found in borage and primrose oil that support hormonal balance......"

I have tried these supplements to wonders. I still have small managable acne on my back, but I don't have any noticable acne on my face. I have had severe acne. I used everything from Retin A to antibiotics and was recommended to use accutane, but passed. Anyways, a continous use of these supplements mentioned with 8- 10 cups of water, less pastries, less of hydrogenized oils or oils from room temperature and more fruits will work wonders for you. When you visit that vending machine, BUY WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMIT!! BUY WATER!!!! For you, it's worth the dollar. Give your body what it wants.

Take a bath and wash your face very early in the morning before any activity and take a bath right after work and sometimes before bed. I myself take a bath at 7am and then I return to bed to continue my sleep before getting ready for work. You should NEVER wear the same clothes twice!!! You should only use that towel twice!! and always hang it to dry away from dust immediately after use. Never use moisturizing body-wash. Never use perfumed bar soap. Make sure the soap is for sensitive skin. Never use bar soap for your face. Never use an handkerchief; instead carry a set of soft disposable cloth-like (with no dust or fiber residue left with touch) napkins with you at all times to wipe your oily face. Wipe your oily face frequently. Also, you should always have alot of rest. You should sleep on a consistent basis. Never work for more than 6 - 8 hours a day. Never stay up late without a bath. Always change your pillow case twice a week. Never EVER! EVER! touch your face.

I am sure there are more stuff you can do, but If you do the above remedies, you should and will have managable skin! PERIOD!!

By the way ladies, you should always wear hair or shower cap to bed to keep your hair from irritating your face. Try not to wear your hair down as much as possible. Don't be ashamed of your face. It is your face and if you are not proud of it, no one will. You should be lucky. Acne patients have ben proven to have less wrinkles than most people without acne when they grow old. We have a built-in vaseline and anti-wrinkle system that will do us wonders as those wrinkles start to appear. My sister is in her 30's. She had severe ance when she was in teens and 20's. Now, she has super flawless skin. I mean super flawless!!! She only has to worry about wiping her oily face from time to time. By the way, that proves to you that oily skin isn't necessary the culprit for acne.

If you don't shy away from people and if you look straight into their eyes and keep your confidence high, they won't even take the time to notice that you have acne.

I am not a doctor. I am just an acne patient like yourselves. The information provided here was found from other source. Use at your own risk.

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