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[QUOTE=amed]I'm so sorry that I haven't responded to you sooner. I was away on holidays for a month.

I would recommend "Mary Kay" Timewise facial sunscreen with SPF 15. It is hypo allergenic and unscented. I find the big thing with perioral dermititis is that fragrance really aggravates it, so it does pay to spend a little extra on your facial moisturizer. You could also try Clinique, but I'm not sure if they have a facial moisturizer with sunscreen.

At the moment, in order to control my flare-ups, I use MAC foundation. Do you have MAC in the US? "MAC matte studio finish foundation" has SPF 8 coverage. MAC counters are located in department stores, by the perfume sections, at least that's where they are here in Canada.

I have found that the best non-facial sunscreen is Ombreille (I hope I spelled it properly). It is also hypo allergenic.

I hope the Spectro Jel works as well for you as it has for me. I love the stuff, and haven't had any spots around my nose and mouth for months!

I also hope that you're not paying a fortune to have it shipped to you from Canada. But if it works for you, it will be worth it to be spot-free.

It's funny, because whenever I go to Walmart to get my Spectro Jel, I wish I could just pack up a bunch of the bottles and ship it to people myself. It really makes me mad when I hear about all these people using all these harsh medications that the doctors prescribe. The doctors admit that they don't really know what causes Perioral Dermatitis or even what it is, and yet they continue to try to treat it.

If Spectro works for you, let me know, and pass it around to others, because there are lots of people out there who have what we have.


Thanks for the info. We do have that MAC brand in the United States. I will have to look into that. In the past, I haven't worn foundation. My skin used to be pretty clear but not any more. So I am trying to find something that wont make my face any worse.
The Spectro Jel seems to be working but the flare ups seem to come and go, and I cannot seem to find a pattern to see what could be causing them. Did you ever get any areas of perioral dermatitis on your cheeks? I have some tiny red fluid filled bumps on my cheeks and along my hairline and forehead. They are different looking then the original perioral dermatitis I had around my mouth area. I am wondering if it could be little patches of eczema. I am so frustrated. Up until recently, my skin was so clear and I cannot figure out why all of a sudden it would go haywire on me. Thanks again.

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