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I am considering having N*LITE laser treatment to hopefully reduce the appearance of my acne scars and reduce the occurrence of new acne. The technique was actually developed here in Cardiff where I am a student. I have found a clinic that offers the treatment and gives this explanation of it:

"N*LITE is a laser using yellow light to destroy the bacteria that causes acne. Inside this bacteria is a substance called porphorine which is photosensitive. When activated by either blue or yellow light, it creates a chemical reaction releasing oxygen, which kills the bugs.

In the past, blue light has been used to treat acne with some success. But this does not penetrate the skin very far leaving some bacteria unaffected, so the results are temporary. Yellow light penetrates the skin more deep1y, killing all the bacteria, with much longer*lasting results.

A recent clinical study showed that from a single N*lite treatment, which takes 15 minutes, the number of acne lesions was reduced by more than 50 per cent in two weeks and continued reducing for up to three months after treatment."

Does any know anything about this treatment? Has anyone had N*LITE treatment? I'd really like to know what people think about this. I think the treatment will cost roughly 300 and it is only supposed to carry on being effective for 3 months so it's not cheap.

But I'm thinking about going back on Roaccutane so I'd like to have laser treatment to give me a more solid base to work with on that * if I can go back on Roaccutane with a clearer complexion and supressed acne then maybe it will work for longer.

I am going to phone the clinic tomorrow to arrange a consultation and hopefully treatment won't be far behind. As always I am incredibly lucky to have the financial ******* of my mum. It was her who found out about the treatment in the first place. She's my :angel:

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