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Lectins are Glycoproteins, some of which are responsible for Allergic (instant) or Intolerant (delayed) reactions. Glycoproteins are found in all foods, but only certain ones such as CERTAIN Lectins, Gluten, Casein, Peanut Proten, etc are problematic.

In the case of "Evil" Lectins, these also happen to include Glutens (wheat, barley, rye, etc) grains. They can affect your hormones negatively due to the inflammatory response that they can instill in your body, not to mention how they raise your insulin levels. Glycoproteins = Starch wrapped Protein. Meaning Sugar Coated protein, thus, theoretically they should raise your insulin levels. Although since starch is a complex carbohydrate, maybe they don't. However, they may also ACT like Insulin, but I haven't found proof outside of A'damo's writings on this. [B]If you are a Type B (my dad) and especially a Type O (me), Glutens and Lectins are bad for ya because your body supposedly hasn't become genetically advanced enough to breakdown these (complex carbohydrate) protiens[/B], hence the Intolerant reaction (can't break down properly due to missing enzyme).

Oh, not to mention that 30% of the population are believed to be intolerant to something (Lactose) and it turns that [U] the majority, not all[/U], of Celiacs are Type Os. These are indviduals that can't break down Gluten Protens and their bodies proceed to react very negatively toward this. I got myself tested last summer and came up negativefor Celiacs Disease, even though I still had a few gliaden antibodies in my system. Most "healthy" people carry gluten antibodies, but if it's a Safe Food, theoritically you shoudn't. Also, [B]the MAJORITY of the Population happens to be Type B or Type O and the most popular weightloss diets are those involving Low Carbohydrates and reducing or eliminating Grains (wheat)....think there's a reason???[/B] Anyway, you can research Blood types by looking into the Paleolithic Diet and the Blood Type Diet.

AS for what foods are [U]"evil" lectins[/U], I posted the list below. Notice anything familar about it?


[B]Low Fat Dairy [/B] (has more proteins)

ALL [B]Grains[/B] (NO bread, Cakes, cookies, battered dipped foods, cereal, etc)

ALL [B]Legumes[/B] (peanuts, cashews, all beans, lentils, peas)

[B]Nightshades[/B] (tomato, white potato, eggplant, chili peppers, bell peppers, peppers)

That's pretty much it. People that have followed this diet have cleared up 100%, except for 1 person. This person never specified how well he followed the diet nor did he bother to stick around to see if we could help troubleshoot. This is considered one of the stricter diets, that's why others like myself choose Gluten Free and end up 95% - 100% clear. I'm guess if we just dropped all wheat, we would be 100% too though. Anyway here's what they do eat:

Dark Chocolate ( a piece a two)

High Fat Dairy (less protein)

Fats/oils - EFAs, Fish Oils, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil for cooking

Meats - Beef, Poultry, Seafood, Pork, etc

All other Fruits

All other Vegetables



Noticed the similarites among all these blasted diets???
Ava you are absolutely right about eliminating dairy. This stands the chance of completely ridding you of acne so keep it up. Organic or not, it must be eliminated if you want to cure your acne. On my post "acne is caused by diet" i outlined what must be eliminated to cure acne and it is not what you might think! I don't mean cleared, I mean cured. I don't mean 95%-100% clear, I mean clear 100% ALL THE TIME. No occasional acne period. There are foods that people notice aggravate their skin and appear to cause acne, but that could simply be because they are high in natural sugars and cause inflammation. These do not cause acne. Once your acne is cured, you can eat these foods just fine. You can eat legumes. You can eat whole grain carbs. You can eat "nightshades" just as long as you eliminate the cause and the cause is not different for everyone. It is the same. Go to my post if you want to cure your acne.

As an additional note. Sweetjade, you may be interested to know that as far as gluten is concerned, it has been my observation that gluten only causes acne problems when people are eating dairy, unless of course they are celiacs, but I have never had an instance of that. Your guess is as good as mine as to why this is, but instead of adhering to a strict regime of grain free, good lectins and bad lectins, good vegetables and bad ones, to control your acne, you could eliminate the true causes and cure it.

The problem with most grains is not that they are grains, but that a lot of the time they are refined, "fortified", and contain refined sugars and hydrogenated oils. All of these are acne causers. The problem with gluten is not that it is gluten, but that it is similar to casein. When you know what the cause is, you can cure your acne without limiting types of foods. The only type of food you will eliminate is Dairy.
OK, I will give you all of that, except...[B]we will still be avoiding the same foods[/B]. Whether we want to say it is because of Hydrogenated Oils, Casein/Dairy, Gluten, Grains, or Carbohydrates/Sugar, we usually end up avoiding most of the same things. ;-) If you shop at a regular grocery store, you are going to get casien and hydrogenated oils in your breads, so you are still avoiding...grains. The exception here would be for people that are fortunate enough to be able to AFFORD pure whole foods and most of us aren't, especially if you are under the mercy of your parents or are working college students trying to get by.

There are websites that link Casein and Gluten together, but they emphasis gluten avoidance more so and therefore, I've come across very little (scientific) information about the problems of casien. I'm aware of the fact that it is a glycoprotein and therefore can cause, and does, cause allergies or intolerances in susceptible indviduals. When I look at the elimination of milk or dairy as a whole, I look along the lines of it's protein (casien and possible gluten contamination) content and it's IGF-1 (increases your androgens,etc) value. [U] Depending on the type of milk you buy, Commerical, Organic, Raw and Low, Regular, and High Fat, those values will change[/U]. Of course, since the word is that we aren't designed to continue drinking milk past a certain age, the fact that most people will become lactose intolerant, can further support that we should not be drinking milk. A good indication of wether someone should eliminate milk or change the TYPE of milk, is of course wether they exhibit an immune response (mucous, itchiness), breakout , or Gasterointestinal distress when [U]consuming[/U] dairy.

Once I became aware of the mucous theory, I noticed that I personally exhibit a very very mild immune response (small increase in phlegm) even on Organic Dairy. However, I do not have this experience with yogurt. Most people that cant' tolerate dairy can still tolerate Yogurt or Kefir. With all of that in mind, I personally hardly ever consume any diary. I mean, I can't eat cereal, or bread, or anything else really so I'm not getting dairy from prepared or processed foods, so my diary consumption is pretty much limited to when I eat Organic Yogurt (maybe once a month) and Ice Cream (maybe once every 2 months).

As for the "evil" Lectin Diet, I don't adhere to this diet. I live near mexico so I've grown up on tomato sauce and chile and so I haven't given these up, but I would if neccessary. However I do avoid Gluten Grains, actually most grains really, except for Corn and Rice. I also avoid Peanuts, Cashews, Cherries, and Bananas because they have [B]proven[/B] to be as you've said Cystic/inflammatory to my skin. Yet, I hardly consume dairy (gone without for months), so that isn't the reason they are problematic for me.

Thanks for looking out for all of us
Ava and Colleen.
I'm certainly far cry from a derm, but even I have to disagree with that "acne formation rule". I've heard that it takes up to 90 days for a zit to form. [B]Considering that there are several forms of acne (5 - 8 kinds), how can they all take the SAME amount of time to form?[/B] I've had zits show up in a few days and then just sit for weeks before surfacing or turning into large inflammatory cysts. I've also had zits show up when my skin was absolutely smooth with no lumps buried underneath. Not to mention, I've clearly experienced [B]reactionary breakouts [/B] not just to foods, but also to [B]irritating and poreclogging ingredients [/B] in a matter of DAYS.

So, if my skin has been doing exteremely well for months and I use something on my skin that in 1 weeks time starts giving me CYSTS like mad crazy, how is that Impossible??? Not to mention, there are people that have allergies and breakout in a rash (zits too?) in a matter of minutes or days, so why is that acceptable??? Sigh, I really don't get it. Why do the doctors and the TV ads even bother with mentioning pore clogging or irritating (allergic) ingredients, if they are then going to say it takes ooh so many days for a zit to form. Bull ;-)

Oh yeah and Ava, I don't follow the Blood Type Diet. However I am noticing that I may fare off better (in terms of not having to think of what to avoid) if I did so considering that most of the foods that I'm avoiding are under the avoid list for Type Os. Then again, now that I just got through looking at the list (search the internet), I am NOT avoiding ALL the foods he says too and he says that I can eat foods (cherries and bananas) that I KNOW cause me problems =( So you can use it as a guideline, but what I think matters most is that he does say to avoid gluten/most grains and most troublesome lectins.

Take care

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