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before i went on accutane way back in 1982 my derm at the time said eat lots of carrots because they have beta carotine in them and thats whats in i read posts saying u shouldnt eat carrots.i ate a ton of carrots too and my skin didnt get clear.well its been a year and 2 months and no breakouts and you know what when i see someone else with acne it doesnt bother me at all.the only people that make fun of acne suffers are immature people that should be worring about theirselfs instead of others.its is such a relief to have normal skin after suffering for so long.if i live another 5 years acne free and die its still worth taking the chance on this med.people that never had acne or for just a few years or mild acne just dont know what the severe acne suffers have to go through.a lot is social but my back was so bad i woke up in the morning with blood all over my that nobody has simpathy for you either.everyone who is uneducated says ur eating too much junk or dont get a bath.i wish they could go through what i did for so long completely alone since i was 17.i know i stated i wouldnt wish severe acne on my worst enemy but people just dony know what this does to ur self-esteem,confidence that if ur a guy you have to suck it all in and not let out how bad you feel inside.

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