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Retin-a questions
Mar 10, 2003
I have my first derm appt. ever on the 17th and I am very nervous. I am going to do whatever they say, see how it works out. In talking with appointment taker/nurse she mentioned that I should keep my hair out of my face and treat my oily scalp w/T/Gel because this can contribute to breakouts, stop using topical acne medications other than cleansers and toners so I won't risk getting extremely irritated if a topical prescription like Retin-a is prescribed, and to bring all my hair and skin products with me. My sister who also suffers from acne used Retin-a in the past but stopped because she had dry skin and acne whereas I have oily skin and acne. What can anyone tell me about Retin-a since I think this is direction the derm will go. I believe this is based on my primary physicians info on my skin in the referral. My skin was doing very well but my reg. doctor's appointment was today and of course I am still recovering from my monthly breakout which got really bad 3 swollen numbers which left ugly marks and several whiteheads and two blackheads that I am afraid to touch. Might not sound to bad but added to other not really noticeable bumps and blackheads I have had for awhile I think the doctor felt my pain. She was going to prescribe Retin-a right then but I came for the derm referral and things looked so bad today. Tell me about your experiences with Retin-a and Azalex (is that spelled right?). Doctor mentioned that too for my hyperpigmentation but thinks retin-a might be enough. By the way I'm african-american.

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