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Re: Zits on my Chin
Nov 30, 2003
[QUOTE=Brujeria][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkGreen]Umm i'm 17-male...and i have really bad acne around my checks and on my chin....WHY! :confused: ..i don't get it....none of my friends have acne and why do i....its really bad...i always wake up with 2 or 3 white heads on my chin or cheecks...i hate it!, my chin hurts i got blemishs everywhere on my chin and cheecks....i been using proactiv...but i guess hasn't been helping my question is, why do i just get it around my chin and cheeck area??!??!! i think i might check out the laser beam stuff..i'm going to look into yeah...but cool if anybody can answer my question? :D [/COLOR][/FONT][/QUOTE]

That definately sounds like cystic/hormonal acne which tends to happen around the mouth, cheeks and jawline. How long have you used Proactiv? Whenever you start a skincare routine, you should give it atleast a month to work because it takes 28 days for your skin to regenerate itself.

Your best bet is to see a dermatologist, as he can prescribe you a medication like retin-A, differin gel, or clyndamycin.

Another routine that may work is:

Using a gentle, non drying cleanser
1 treatment product to address the acne (gels works best for oily or combination skin, creams and lotions are good for dry skin)
and 1 gentle moisturizer to use on dry areas.

If you want any product recommendations let me know:)
Good luck.

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