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i've pretty much had it. life sucks with acne. i've tried every over-the-counter spooge cleansing crap there hasn't worked. i've been doing proactiv twice a day for 3 hasn't worked.
so...the next step, i figure, is accutane.
i've read a few posts on here, and i'm not really worried about the side effects (flaky skin, dry lips...etc)...i would be more than happy with that, instead of acne.
so, what do i need to know?
i don't want to go see a dermotologist, because they'll charge me up the *** to look at me for 5 minutes, then write me a perscription, or tell me that it's not that bad, and i should just wait it out. i know a few people who are doctors though, and i can easily get a perscription from one of them.

what should the dosage be? i see some people with 40mg a day, and others with 80mg+. do they come in 20mg pills, and you take 3 to make 60mg, or does the perscription specify the pill size?

i'm 6'5", 180lbs. i have pretty medium acne. between 1-3 cysts every week...and tons of little white heads. just to give you an idea of the kind of acne i have....if there's different dosages for different kinds.

i've heard of a initial breakout period...approximately how long would it last?
also, i see that people cycle accutane. how many months should the cycle be...on and off? do you die if you take it continuously? :confused:

i'm at a loss of what else to do...
i just can't stand having acne anymore. it's ruining any social makes me depressed...feel like ****, miss classes just cause i don't want anyone to see me...etc.
call me insecure or whatever you may, but that's the way i am...and that's the way i'll be

i just want to get rid of acne.
thanks, i really appreciate the help in advance.
anything would be great.

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