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Re: Spiro users
Nov 30, 2003
sorry but it is testosterone that causes males to think of sex.i know some females on testosterone and the get sexually aroused all the time.before they didnt get sexually aroused nearly as much.i have no sex drive at all.before i did,but before i had acne(boils and cysts).and im not tinkering with my basicly supressing them til i become sterol.and blood clotting is just with premerin not spiro.yes males do risk the chance of being impotant if on spiro long periods of time.i stated many times this is a last resort even after accutane.sorry again but i was diagnosed of being anorexic in the late 80s because i was so paranoid that anything i ate would break out my skin.and yes most males hormones straighten out by the time they hit 30 so this is not necessary for most over 40 and my skin never straightened out.the last doctor i saw said i would just have to live with this til i skins clear and after 27 years of putting up with acne i am free of all acne but again i cant have sex but sex isnt everything in not married so im not supose to have sex you really care if i live or die anyways?i figure if i live 5 more years of being acne free its better than suffering from this up til the day i die.its up to a guy if his acne is bothering him that bad and again after everything else has been derm has 3 guys on spiro.a lot of people kill theirselfs because acne is causing them so much distress.guys have feelings too but we have to keep them inside or we are wimpy.then again it was ok for some girls to make fun of my face.and another thing your more a man if you can hold off having sex.if a guy sees a really attractive female he is going to get aroused and its harder to refrain from sex than giving in and having sex.having sex is easy even though i only had it once she must have liked it because she told her girlfriends cause they were over to my house knocking on the door and wanting sex because my girlfriend told them i was good in bed.even though im over 40 i look really good and a girl i went to school with said i never looked better.if i die tomorrow so be it least i had 14 months without struggling with cystic acne.

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