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Thought I'd break that part off. =)

Now for the more technical stuff I guess. I would say that you should go into your doctors office with a list of your symptoms and a history of your family's medical background. Symptoms can mean anything from dental problems, vision, wieght, menstrual, pain, IBS, constipation, headaches, fatigue, etc. You want to find out if your family has Diabetes, or Cancer, High Cholestorol or Blood Pressure, Arthritis, etc. I personally feel that if you have any questions for your doctor you should also write those down. Afterall, those 15 min sessions last long and you don't want to waste anytime ;-)

In terms of what you should talk to him about depends on what your family history and your symptoms suggest. If the women in your family or overweight, have menstrual problems, cystic ovaries, fibroids, hirsutism, etc. you want to mention that to him. You may want to mention Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome just to see what he says. That involves a variety of tests. I posted the list somewhere around here, but it's in the archives so searching isn't possible. Hmm... below is topic that i posted but it was in the archives. It's not the one I'm looking for, but it will give you an idea of treatments you could ask about.

"Since this is about Insulin Resistance and HOW to treat it, I'm also going to add other treatments that extend beyond diet.

I would like to state that no I am NOT a Diabetic Type I or II. I do not have high cholesterol levels or high blood pressure. I am not obese, but actually underweight. Basically I don't fit the Mold, but yes, these treatments, some MUCH more than others, have worked for me.

Like I've mentioned in a few other posts, Insulin Resistance is something that we ALL go through during Puberty and then it goes away. It is a temporary part of our hormonal imbalance. Unfortunately for some of us, it can occur while in the womb or all the way into adulthood. As a result other hormonal problems occur, such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Diabetes, Heart Disease, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH or NCCAH), Obesity, Hirsutism, Hyperandrogenism, Hypothyrodism, etc can occur.

Now, I'm not really sure if ALL hormonal disorders are related to this mechanism but the various defects that have acne as a symptom, keep going back to the same gene (cyp450). It's job is to make the enzymes neccessary in controlling our hormones, detoxification, etc. Infact, some of the treatments below, depending on your hormonal disorder, are a result of our body's being deficient in a certain enzyme.

That is why I URGE you ALL to see a doctor, a specialist even! If one of them ignores you, then TRY AGAIN and AGAIN!!! Over a 10 year time span, it took me THREE tries with an Endocrinologist before I got diagnosed and more importantly the neccessary prescriptions (spiro only now). However, there are various herbs and vitamins, and other supplements that can do the SAME job as the medications or diet would do. They all are going to either:

-balance your insulin levels which will balance your androgen levels OR

-they will balance your cortisol levels which will balance your androgen levels OR

-they will reduce your androgen levels, OR

-they are going to inhibit the effects of androgen in your system (sebaceous glands) OR

-they are going to prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT (super androgen)

The list goes on depending on the disorder, but did anyone notice the key here is ANDROGEN? Thankfully there's several ways you can go about dealing with this hormone. While, I do not claim that diet will help EVERYONE, what I do know is that it has helped me and others that had tried a great deal of things, natural supplements, medications and I believe that we are really lucky as a result. We might be able to stop something worse from happening (fingers crossed).

Now, from various reputable sources, doctors, and testimonies, I've found that [B]the most popular PRESCRIPTIONS among women are:[/B]Birth Control (regular bc - balances hormones, lowers testosterone)

Yasmin BC - (see above & has a progestin [synthetic progesterone known as Drospirenone]

Diane BC - (see above & has Cyproterone to block effects of androgen)

Spironolactone (diuertic for high blood pressure, DHT conversion inhibitor, inhibits the effects of testosterone, anti-androgen)

Flutamide (antiandrogen)

Prednisone (anti-inflammatory, corticosteriod that improves cortisol balance)

Dexamethasone (anti-inflammatory, corticosteriod that improves cortisol balance)

Metaformin (balances insulin levels)

Avandia (decreases insulin resistance)

[B]The most popular "NATURAL" treatments among women are[/B]:

NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine)

D-Chiro Inositol (formed from Lecithin, or inositol)

NPC (natural progesterone cream)

Vitex (chaste berry herb, NPC is made from this)

Saw Palmetto (DHT inhibitor)

ALA (alpha lipoic acid) / Chromium GTF

Digestive Enzymes / Fiber / Probiotics

Low Carbohydrate Dieting (Insulin Resistance Diet, Atkins, Blood Type, Anti-candida diets, etc)

In case I failed to say this, but you DO NOT have to have ALL of the "symptoms" of PCOS (Syndrome X, Syndrome O, & other names) to be dx as such. That's why it's called a syndrome, because there are no set symptoms. You can be thin and have regular periods, and no cysts, like myself and a few others, and still be pcos. The confusing part is whether PCOS is a symptom of Insulin Resistance or if Insulin Resistance is a symptom of PCOS ;-)

Through some hormonal testing of her own, one woman found out that she had high copper levels. Then she found out that progesterone cream would help balance this and so when she took it, her acne went away and her menstrual cycle regulated. She was PCOS this whole time, but her doctors didn't pay enough attention to her (gave her accutane, but it didn't work 100%). I'm not sure what else she uses, but she doesn't avoid food as "strictly" as I do becaue the NPC has balanced her hormones wonderfully.........................

P.S. Yes, MEN can be PCOS also ;-) Or if it makes you feel better, you can consider yourselves Insulin Resistant, since you aren't likely to have certain supposed symptoms. Personally, I think the term PCOS is just used for those people that the doctors can't find another disorder for. Infact, unless I'm really close with them, most people just think I'm sorta Insulin Resistant as the reason I avoid certain foods. So anyway, because men are just as capable of being Insulin Resitant as women, they can and HAVE used MOST of the above treatments to balance/lower their testosterone levels, among other health problems. "

So, interns of Saw Palmetto, I have used it and it didn't affect me negatively, but it did'nt affect me postively either. However, it takes on average 3 months to rebalance your hormones and so I usually stopped at the 2 - 3 month mark. I probably wasn't giving it enough time ;-) Although, other women and MEN, have used lesser doses with great results.

I was trying to find the list of hormonal tests one would take so that you'd be aware of what your doctor might test you for. If I find around here somewhere I'll post it for ya. Otherwise, I hope I didn't overwhelm you with all this info

take care

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