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thanks for the responses

the sun sensitivity that i experienced from doxy was actually a rare type- when the sun hits your fingernails it causes them to split off from the skin. funky.

my topical routine that i've been using is pretty time-consuming. i wash with an all-natural cleanser that has a tiny bit of tea tree oil in it. about every other night i use the pore-refining mask from burt's bees i get at the health food store. at night i apply mira-stat (it's a 7.5% bp cream i've been using for about a month or so) all over and let it dry. i just switched from proactiv's moisturizer to purpose's oil-free (my skin was too flakey which broke me out worse). then i wait a minute and apply 100% pure tea tree oil with a q-tip to any spots. after that dries, i put proactiv's sulfur mask on the same spots (i'm not sure this does anything- sometimes it seems to really help- other times i'm not sure. i used to use proactiv's whole system but it stopped working for me after one year...)

in the morning i wash, then moisturize. i only apply tea tree oil to the spots in the morning if they seem like they might get 'bad', otherwise i leave them alone so the spot doesn't get too dry and brown. then i apply proactiv's concealer (it contains sulfur as well. it doesn't cover up all that well but it's better than nothing- it seems to help with medicating more than anything else). if there's a really red spot i will cover that up with a concealer i have from loreal. i can't remember exactly what it's called but it's the one that's non-acnegenic and has the texture of a powder- i would highly recommend it if you have a spot that you just can't bear to go out in public with.

it's a lot of stuff to do to my skin, i know, and i'm still learning what works/doesn't work with my skin. for me personally- i have to do some intense stuff. not just like 'hello...i'm washing my face'.

by the way, even on the minocycline i still would get cystic acne- and it would be BAD under times of stress (school sucks). that's really what's made me think that the mino must not be helping much if at all. i haven't had a cyst or even a pustule since i've started using the mira-stat. no i don't work for them, but i'm happy with their cream. my skin has been getting better and better over the last month. unfortunately this doesn't help you guys who are sensitive/allergic to benzoyl peroxide. :(

hope this helps or at least gives some of you some ideas. good luck to you and i'll keep you posted on any updates to my routine.

if anyone else has input re: stopping the mino your advice is appreciated :)
Hi, I just went to my first derm yesterday and got minocycline to take only for nine days, use differin gel at night and some benzaclin for day. It is unbelievably expensive though. I wanted to get on accutane, but he said, I had no cystic acne, but did not even inspect my face. What is cyctic acne? Isn't that the large bumps on your face that stay for months at a time untill you pop them? How did you clear up? Please help...

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