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hey guys-

a little background info- when i first went to a derm, i was put on doxycycline which totally cleared up my skin, but i had to stop taking it because of some weird sensitivity to sunlight. i took another less common acne antibiotic, but since it wasn't helping, my doctor decided to put me on minocycline. at first i took one per day, and i broke out horribly. then i thought taking two per day would help...

i've been on minocycline for over a year and it has not cleared my skin at all. in fact, i kind of THINK that maybe the acne bacteria are resistant to the mino because of the short bout with doxycycline- that's just my theory.

my acne as of now is pretty ok- but that's because of a topical routine i've had for about two or three months. i've been reading up on affects of taking antiobiotics for long periods of time and i'm sure i should stop. but i'm terrified that i'll break out REALLY bad when i stop- even though the minocycline hasn't seemed to help. maybe my body won't be able to fight bacteria at all on its own?

how would i go about stopping? i was thinking maybe cut down to one a day for a while, then take one pill every two days, etc. until i can ween my body off of the mino. i'm so scared, though :( it's taken a long time to get my skin this decent, and i don't want it to go back to the way it was.

has anyone been in the same situation? or does anyone have any thoughts about the best way to stop taking the mino? how about probiotics- do they help fight off bad bacteria like acne?


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