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I began having problems with acne about 2 years ago after never having any, even through my teenage years. The problem began after I went off of the pill to try to get pregnant. I developed cystic acne that would not go away, even with anti-biotics, Differin and anything else that my dermatologist offered.

Finally, I went back on the pill...Yasmin, to be exact. I had read that it decreased the weight gain and sexual side effects. It cleared my skin almost completely within 6 months. I still struggle with some acne, mostly around my chin...but nothing close to what it was before. I did not gain weight or have a lowered libido, but I do have headaches during my period. I have been taking the pill straight through, with the approval of my gynocologist, with 3 periods a year and the headaches and acne have decreased. Now, the only time I get them is when I allow my period to come.

I recently had blood tests done, in hopes of figuring out what is up with my hormones. Still waiting to get the results.

Like others have said, the pill is not for everyone, but I think that 6 months is the minimum time to clear acne noticeably and as long as you are not having any other extreme issues, it's the best remedy that I have found.

Now, I am on the 5th of 7 glycolic peels, which has gotten a ton of gunk out of my pores and is further clearing my skin. I am so glad that I have had hope is that I can continue getting facials and find a new remedy other than the pill, so that I can have a baby someday. :)

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