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[QUOTE=coloradogirl1]Sweetjade, Sunfell and others,
Ok, so generally I am doing some form of a diet, I'm not quite sure what it is yet though. I guess I'm still experimenting. When I eat no carbs, my skin is clear. When I add in a bowl of oatmeal or some fruit, I break out. I was getting so tired and I was hungry ALL OF THE TIME - I couldn't feel satiated. Then yesterday I had one apple - Sunfell said that fruit should generall be OK for most people. I felt amazing, like I had my mind and strength back, but then I woke up with three zits! So it looks like I should go for either the insulin reducing or candida diet. First off, how would I know which one? Second, what am I supposed to eat for energy/carbs?

BTW -I don't know if either of you might know anything about this and it may be unrelated, but I have tinea versicolor on my upper arms - it is a yeast or a fungus. I'm using Lamisil on it. But, maybe coincidence maybe not, I had it on my arms about 3 months after I started getting acne the first time. (In between then and now I had accutane and mild acne). Could the yeast on my arms have anything to do with candida? (Maybe I should have started a seperate post, sorry).[/QUOTE]

Hey you =)
Well I just did a quick search (you could've done it) and it appears that Tinea is associated with CANDIDA! Your suspicions were correct. This comes and goes with non-treatment and treatment of candida (or rather some other yeast). So my question is, do you KNOW that you have candida (other symptoms?) or do you just suspect you do? If so, then that means you want to follow anti-candida diets. I can give you some ugly ones to follow, but they are similar to a Grain Free Diet anyway.

I would say that normally an apple shouldn't affect you and it generally wouldn't cause a breakout the following day. So if the apple is the only culprit you can come up with, then that might mean you've got some candida to deal with. If so, you definately want to eliminate the Starch, Yeast and sugars that will help feed it. As such that means pretty much eliminating Fruit sugars, Grains (especially Gluten Grains), Milk Sugar (lactose), and all candy, soda, juice, etc.

Basically you will be living off of Vegetables, Animal proteins, Plant Proteins (legumes, nuts, seeds) and healthy oils like pure coconut oils. You may also find that you do well with a probiotic supplement and (growing your own) organic kefir or yogurt. There are a variety of books out there (search for candida or yeast diets). I remember a group that was following one of them, but I'll have to check and see what book that was. The yucky diet though is known as the BED and frankly, it's not much fun from what I've heard. It's not a permanent diet, but it could take up to a year to kill it all off.

However, if you aren't ready to jump into something like this then you can try Sunfells diet only eliminating more sugar sources. You could try the Grain Free Diet, Going Against the Grain Diet, Paleolithic Diet, Gluten Free Diet, or the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, among many others. All limit or eliminate grain intake, but allow fruits so you MAY find that you'll have to drop those. The Specific Carbohydrate diet is particularly interesting because it allows you to consume bread products w/o using grains to create them. This diet eliminates Milk, Grains, Starch (potato, sweet potato, yam), and Sucrose.

so maybe you what you want to do is determine how sensitive you are to sugars. There are some tests online that you can find that will help you determine if you have candida (although most people come up positive). Maybe you want to keep a journal for a week or two just to be certain of what foods are causing reactions for you. Usually, reactionary breakouts occur a few days (3 - 5) on average AFTER consumption of the culprit food. A reaction occuring the next day is something more so associated with allergies. Apples have salicylates so maybe that's what's aggrevating you. Although if it was, you would't be able to tolerate a host of other fruits & vegetables.

So I guess for now, eliminate what you KNOW bothers you and try and test out the rest. You can look into those books to help guide you. Try not to feel overwhelmed, there should hopefully be someone around to help answer any questions or provide you with support. I'll try to find out about that book for you (cleared them) and how hard it was to follow.

Take care =)

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