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I have a friend who gets very very bad systic acne and she'd have to get a shot directly into the swollen area with cortisone and than the swelling would go down... As for me and my little sister, we've both tried Hydrocortisone cream on our faces and it works so well. Not only does it keep down swelling of current problems, but it helped with the overall appearance of our skin.

The hemorrhoid cream sounds interesting... I've even heard of it being used on a swollen finger when you can't get a ring off.
I've heard that you shouldn't use Hydrocortisone on your face for prolonged periods. Anybody else know about this? Is it true?
[QUOTE=TheWildSide]I really want it to work, but it seems like the hydro cream always has too much grease in it. I've tried it three times without luck, but maybe im using the wrong brand.[/QUOTE]
I'm not sure about the shot but I used to work in a pharmacy and the pharmacist used to warn people against using hydrocortisone cream on the face because it thins out the skin after prolonged use.

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