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[QUOTE=backtomyoldself]May I ask why you drove 2.5 hours just to see this doctor? I am assuming it is health insurance related? What did this so called doctor tell you about Smoothbeam?

I took Accutane 3 years ago, and my acne came back a year later. Then it became full blown 3 years after. I am finishing my last course of Accutane in two weeks and I am still breaking out a little (nothing compared from 5 months ago). There were many side effects I had to deal with, it's all in my post: First Day on Accutane (from month 1-5).

I am also scarred from all my breakouts (before and during Accutane). I had many, many cystic acne which left scars (indented one's). Prior to agreeing with my dermatologist on resuming Accutane, I have asked about some laser treatment for acne, I am not sure if they use Smoothbeam. In the end, no one would treat my skin until I get rid of my cystic, pus-filled acne. The lasers they use are only effective on whitehead/blackhead type of acne, I think if I remember it correctly on some of the information I got from the clinic.

As far as Accutane s/e's stat's, you can search for Accutane's customer service number online and contact them. See if they can provide you the information you need. You might also want to contact FDA for Accutane complaints. I found out that many of the complaints that FDA is handling is not even included in the current Accutane prescription warning. Stats are just stats, again, I would tell you to have an open mind when you take a drug as strong as Accu. They may say only 1% gets this or that, that 1% could be you. So you have to be prepare.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the info. I will call the FDA. Your right that 1 % could be 1% too much if it is you. These seem like too major of side effects. I saw you continued accutane a few times even with the raised cholestrol, Did't that scare you.
We drove 2.5 hours because only a couple of Drs. in NC & SC have this new smoothbeam which was approved in 1/2003. I am still trying to find people who have done it and had good results.

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