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What can i do now?
Dec 7, 2003
Hello every1 newbie 2 the board an need some advice.
I started getting acne at 18. I'd say it was mild/moderate. I'd have 3 to 4 cysts at any1 time usually on my chin at the sides of my nose or down the sides of my face. I also had a few smaller spots that kept reappearing on my right cheek. These were particularly troublesome as as soon as they'd popped an the red marks started to fade they'd start coming up again. I've never had any spots on my back or neck though it's always been facial.
I never took any meds or used any special washes for this and by 21 i was no longer getting cysts and just had mild acne.
At 24 i got a major cystic outbreak on my chin that refused to heal. I had 6 large cysts on my chin that were red inflamed and oozing puss alot. After 6 months of this i'd had enough and went to my gp. He perscribed me erythromicin 1g a day spread over 4 doses. This stuff was the business totally cleared my skin within 10 days, it even got rid of the red mark scars that spots had left behind which usually take months to disappear. After 2 months of this my gp cut me down to 0.5g of erythromicin a day. At 26 my spots started coming back, not cystic but still annoying my body must have built a tolerance to the erythromicin.
I started using a clearasil face wash and actually got a 2 month period when i had no spots. The spots came back again though and obviously my skin built a tolerance to the clearasil.
I then tried b5 but this seemed to make no difference except a very messy toilet in the morning.
I'm now having an outbreak of 4 largish spots about once a month. By the time these are faded the outbreak has started again. I've not had a clear period for 10 months. Now coming to the age of 27 i just want an end to this as it's destroying my life.
Are there any other anti-biotics that my gp could perscribe me as these seem to be the only things that have worked consistently for me. I don't want anything long term just something that could get me clear for a few weeks so i can sort myself out. I don't want 2 go down the accutane route yet as i think thats my last resort.
Any advice appreciated.

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