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Hi Sweetjade; Hi everyone

Sweetjade, I definitely agree with you that Joeh shouldn't take the extreme measures that he mentioned, and that he should, indeed, try the low carb diet. However, haven't you conceded yourself that many of the acne sufferers out there do not in fact have a hormonal inbalance; but, most likely, are merely overly sensitive to the androgens that they do have. If this is the case, would a diet bring about the improvements that are desperately sought? One more thing; it has been said that even healthy whole grains are metabolized almost as quickly as refined grains, which as we know is bad for insulin levels. If this is true, how is it that Sunfell's diet works? I'm currently on Sunfell's diet, so I'm very interested

Take care everyone, and good luck!!!
Hey Karl,
Actually while I was looking up some articles on Hydrogenated oils, I came across one on whole grains. Basically it said that Whole Grains have always been known to Reduce Insulin Resistance and Type II Diabetes over Refined Grains. I didn't check the date on that, but I don't deny that for certain people all they need to do is clean up their diet by eliminating the refined foods. Several former acne suffers can attest to that and this is mainly why Sunfells Diet works. With the exception of eliminating dairy, his diet seems to be primiarily a Whole Foods diet. He wants you to eliminated all processed, refined, and hydrogenated foods from your diet. I suppose the reason why a variety of these diets work is because they all help us eliminate ENOUGH of the aggrivators so that we can (sometimes) get away with consuming the few aggrivators that are left. That's my theory anyway ;-)

As for the average acne sufferer just being sensitive to normal amounts of their hormones, I'm guessing that's why Prescriptions, OTC treatments, and just changing their skincare is what does the trick. I suppose for others that are sensitive, that's not enough and so going on BC or Spiro will do the trick as well. Yet, I think that for these people usually they also grow out of getting Puberty or Adult Acne.

Now, based on what I'm learning and what others are bringing into the mix a change in diet may also work or it may not. I think that there's no harm in at least giving this an HONEST TRY. Do whatever needs to be done, consult your doctor, nutritionist, and parents beforehand, but there's nothing wrong with following one of these diets for a few weeks or months, especially under supervision. Considering that the foods we are avoiding are among the top allergens or irritants and that some of them have also been modified in some way, I think it holds to reason that they could still have a negative effect on even sensitive individuals.

When researching this stuff, and I certainly haven't put together all the peices, there were so many ways that the wrong foods could hinder your health and hormonal balance. Just like there's various reasons why some of us produce too much hormones, maybe there's a reason people are too sensitive to these hormones. So even if eliminating these foods only slightly reduce their hormone levels since they are normal, that could be enough to make everything fall back into balance.

So, with over 60% of the U.S. population "obese" and a continued rise in Type II Diabetes, who's to say these sensitive individuals won't be apart of the statistic? Just because they aren't showing symptoms now, doesn't mean they wont show other symptoms later. Ultimately, eventually for their own health's sake one wants to adjust their diet.

Anyway, that's my take. How are things going for you? =)
Thanks for asking about me. I'm doing good as well. It's so interesting to see how my skin fluctuates from being oily to having large pores because I ate certain sugars to being close to dry (remember I still have EFA deficiencies) and smaller pores when I behave and don't eat much sugar. Isn't it the weirdest feeling to see how much control you actually do have over this???

Although, I have to agree that this diet isn't really about the glycemic load or index. The average person, if they are following the Food Pyramid would be getting 200g - 800g of carbohydrates (includes junkfoods and refined foods) A DAY! I cut out nearly 50% of the carbs in my diet when I eliminated Gluten grains and some other specifics and I'm still on 200g - 300g carbohydrate diet. So I absolutely don't push anyone to live off of only 30 - 100g! After all, an apple or a small box of organic raseins tops that minimum ;-)

That's what's even more interesting, because I'm eating some foods that are much higher in carbohydrates than Bread itself is. So that leads one to look into the whole Paleolithic Diet, Blood Type Diet, Acne Prescription etc, where the problem has to do loosely with sugar and insulin, but [U]they focus more so on your body's Inflammatory Response due to being Intolerant to certan foods[/U]. So there's just so many valid possibilites that it can get confusing, but somewhere in there the truth lies.

Now, in terms of protein intake, mine has probably stayed the same if not dropped in some ways because I don't eat as much processed foods (they usually have some wheat in them). So I don't tell people to load up on protein either because that can cause problems and I've actually found one study that lumped Dairy, Polyunsaturated oils and Protein as actually increasing ones IGF-1 levels (which increases cell proliferation, and androgen production).

So it seems that everything can be good or bad depending on the way it's processed or the way you consume it (food combining??? lol ). Like Sunfell mentions that it's not one single thing, but it's the combination of things that are causing the problem. Maybe a single food on it's own can be good or bad, but in combination with others it could be BETTER or Worse. Perhaps just like we should take a Multivitamin or a B-Complex in order to prevent any defficiencies or imbalances caused by certain vitamins, the same can be said for the way we eat our foods.

Oh yeah and I do have that book. I bought mine last year when it was called "Acne Miracle", but he's recently updated it to further explain why avoidance of certain foods reduces acne (he actually mentions a bit of the insulin resistance process). I purchased it because I was hoping that it would explain what others have been saying about diet, but it wasn't quite what I expected. It was a VERY good book though, at explaining certain aspect of supplements, etc. Except, no one (I hope) has to do all those things. The reason he does, is because he refuses to give up some other or CERTAIN foods. Everyone is different though. Give up something else for a less complicated Regimen or don't and (maybe) deal with that. ;-)

I will say that everyone should [B]first try altering their diets correctly[/B]. Then [B]Go to supplements[/B] and then [B]if that doesn't work, then use Medications[/B]. Although, I believe most of us went about it in the opposite direction ;-)

Take care

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