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Hey Hollister,

Everytime I have visited a derm regarding my mild-moderate acne, they have always asked me have you tried Head and Shoulders? Derms seem very convinced that this stuff works because it contains Zinc Pyrithione (or ZPT) which is supposedly excellent for the skin. Well I tried using the shampoo on my face and I have to say for the first 2 weeks my skin complexion went back to clear. But as with almost all products, the skin begins to get used to it and it stopped working. However I do occasionally get a few spots on my back and when I use H&S in this area for some reason it clears it up (not totally but it is a lot better than before). Don't ask me why H&S doesn't work on my face but it does on my back because I have no idea.

But if you are going to use H&S make sure you buy the Original/Plain version of the shampoo as this is the one dermatologists recommend. The other versions like the fragrance ones are not so good.

Wash your face once or twice every two days with a small amount. Let me know if it works. Good luck....;)

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