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[QUOTE=SUFFERING654]Thanks. Any suggestions for what you think happened to me yesterday? Besides the obvious that I acted very foolishly and destroyed my skin from just scrubbing out of anger. But my skin is very red, blotchy, and scaley and somewhat shiney in those areas. I have a dermatologist appointment today to celebrate my 3 months of using retin-a micro. Boy is my dermatologist gonna get a shock when she sees thats i'm like 10 times worse than when i first walked into her office maybe 6 months ago.[/QUOTE]

I think what happened is simply the fact that your skin was already seriously irritated & dry, and you scrubbing your face might have taken off a layer of skin of something… which explains the redness and stinging. As for the scaly/shiny areas, it might be because you stripped all the moisture from your skin. You should be alright in a few days if you just lay off the topicals and let your face heal. When you wash your face, just use your hands to do it; don't use any type of scrubbing device... (But make sure to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap first!). When drying your face, don't wipe... blot it gently with a clean soft towel. Also I would suggest changing your sheets & pillow cases right away because there is probably Retin-A residue all over them! (Plus changing them regularly prevents acne bacteria from spreading) The Cetaphil moisturizer will help heal the dryness... it might sting a little when you use it, but that's to be expected. Talk to your derm about oral meds instead of topicals. I have sensitive oily skin and I have really bad reactions with prescription topicals (Retin A, Differin, Sulfoxyl, etc.), so you might have the same problems with them.
Ok, I had severe acne as you have when I was your age. I'm 25 now, and even though its not that bad anymore, it is still hard to deal with.

First of all it is ok to feel depressed about it. That is just a natural reaction, to feel guilty/sad/depressed. If people act like you are strange for feeling that way, they do not know what you are going through (as I did).

First of all scrubbing like that will never help at all. Acne like yours (and mine) starts deep within the skin, so you would have to scrub all that way down!

I also used Retin A several times over the years. One time I used it for six months straight, just to give it time. It never worked for me. It only made my skin dry, red, irritated and oily.

Personally when I had acne that bad, the only thing that really helped was Accutane. There are risks with it, and you should read up on them first, but it worked great for me. Your derm will probably not want to give you Accutane because they do not want to be responsible for the risk. In order to defend themselves in court they will have to say that they tried x,y and z first, and that they did not have sufficient results.

I would say ask your derm about it, and if they seem like they might be open to it down the line, stick with them fro a while, try other things and then you can take it. It's a long wait but it was worth it for me.

Remember scrubbing and overwashing will always hurt not help! I learned that the hard way. Treat your skin gently.

Besides Accutane I would really suggest using Clindamycin Phosphate, and some oral antibiotics. If you have little bumps on your foehead use Differin there (but only there because it will dry out other part of your face). Differin is also a good on the spot treatment.

Also I have found that 100% Aloe Gel is a really good balancing moisturizer. Jut make sure to wash your hands with antibacterial soap, and then gently rub it in for a minute so that it really soaks in. This will also help heal your face.

Once again try Clindamycin Phosphate, and some oral antibiotics.

Good luck buddy. Don't get discouraged and stop going to the derm. Just keep it up and always be gentle on your face!

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