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Do your parents let you wear make-up? I never would have made it through highschool without it. Just the smallest bit over the red spots is a huge confidence boost. I've also found that with the right make-up, the condition of my skin is actually BETTER than when I go without (and I don't just mean while I'm wearing it). Mine has sun protection, and it sucks up the oil. I love it.

But if you can go without, great. Although there is a little trick of mine you might like. Get a powder brush (the kind for putting on make-up powder, ultra soft), but instead of the pricey make-up powders, use shower or baby powder. It cost so much less, and it's not really like wearing make-up. It just gives you a fresh look and soaks up the oil. It can also help with redness by reducing itch and irritation. Plus, it doesn't have the downside of make-up powders, which is they tend to get a bit darker when you sweat or get too oily. For a while, I would even dust my face with shower powder before bed to help with oil control (although it might not be the best idea to have powder on your face all the time).
hey hunnie. im 15 and i had the same problem in the 6th 7th and 8th grade. all i have to say is...everyone gets acne and the makeup HAS TO face makeup not even blush. if ur acne shows too bad everyone has it and it helps your face. what i did for my acne was i washed my face once or twice a day with soap and whenever i could, just flushed my face with water also. then i used 2-3 times a day Stridex ance pads. my mom told me (which worked) is use one medication wether a acne pad or a face wash and ONLY use that product all the way until its done with, no other products than the one you chose. (if u use acne pads as "your product" use a mild regualr body soap to wash your face), just follow the directions on your product...dont overdue it, it will work...and since i did all of that expecially stuck to one product and STOPPED with the face makeup...i have a very clear complextion which i thought was impossible! i had it so bad im not even kidding. dont feel bad everyone goes through that stage in their life. as you mature you may or may not grow out of it (im sure you will) my sister is 12 and shes started it. all im saying is its natural and just make sure to wash your face and all that stuff everyday it will help in the long or hopefully short-run. by the way if your face starts to dry up then still wash your face just not as much and flush with water more. good luck. o and also my mom never let me get anything for my face except store bought stuff it sucks, i know. stay strong lol. o ya and when u get ur period ur bound to get pimples even w/ a clear complextion lol it will never stop.
Try not to touch your face much during the day, like at school if your sitting and doing your work, don't lean your head on your hand, touching your face is bad for your skin. That's what I learned, I'm 16 and I had acne bad too, everything is good now, It just takes time, I've been dealing with acne since I was 11 (or a little younger, i just remember i had my first appointment with the dermatologist when i was 11), I totally know what your going through, I remember everyone at the time didn't have acne so they would be like "What is all over your face" its horrible, but I promise everything will get better! My dermatologist told me something I will never forget, he said "While you are already cleared up with acne, your friends will just now be getting it and you will be the only one with a clear face" it helped me a lot. Being young with acne sucks!

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