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I'm thinking about purchasing Dermablend but I'm not sure it will help to hide my pores. I have enlarged pores (especially on my nose) from long years of acne and when I use liquid foundations I've found that the pores look even more obvious! Powders help hide the pores better than foundation but they don't hide the scars (also from acne :S). I was even thinking about buying mineral makeup (aromaleigh) but I'm kind of hesitant because of all the negative reviews I've heard about it.. I guess I should stay with the liquid/solid stuff because I'm so used to applying it and it sounds as though the technique for applying mineral makeup takes a while to perfect. I've had way too many embarrassing moments when I've messed up with foundation!!!! Grrr only if there were a booklet on "how to", preparing us for all this.

Honestly, I'm just really tired of worrying about my face. I've had people tell me that it doesn't make a difference or "don't think about it" but every time someone's glance lingers too long on my face or someone says something without thinking (or if they're evil enough, with thinking) I'm reminded that it DOES matter... to me it does anyway.

I'm sorry for starting to rave.. I guess if you're reading this too even if you don't use Dermablend I'd love to hear what you use for coverage and how well it works for your skin type.. personally, I have oily (sometimes comination oily/very dry) skin w/enlarged pores and of course the scars... my skin is also very "micro"uneven.. I don't have very large dents or bumps but they're all small or shallow.. usually anyway.. so it's not easy for me to find good coverup that works well. Hmmm... sorry if I made this a bit long.. but any recommendation or reviews will be so greatly appreciated! :)

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