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In case you didn't read my other posts, I'm using hydrocortisone cream along with cetaphil daily moisturizer/sunscreen to heal damage caused by my own stupidity where I scrubbed my skin very hard out of a random act of frustration and also damaged caused by overusing retin-a micro. Well my skin is healing rather quickly and for the first time in awhile I can see my skin without the extreme redness that I always saw while on the retin-a. Actually my skin looks rpetty much the same as before I started on the retin-a except one troublesome acne scar seems to be less prominant. Other than that though, my skin tone still apears to be very discolored. I don;t have horrible acne, in fact I have but one pimple on my face right now, but you can't notice it because of the blotchyness of my face. I have darker patches and dots of skin all over my cheeks that make me look pretty bad. After my skin calmed down and the inflamation subsided I was supposed to use retin-a micro once a week along with a very mild cleanser/skin toner. I'm trying to gather as much information as possible about any suggestions for a product that can help correct my skin tone and give my skin a more even appearence. I don't believe the retin-a micro will do this because I don't believe it worked too well. In the past I've tryed aveeno skin toners for a period of weeks and it really didn't sem to help too much at all. Didn't cause any damage that I could see, but I didn't see any results. I have sensative skin thats rather oily especially on my forehead, and my cheeks break out the most when I do breakout. Also my pores are rather large and unsightly and the retin-a didn't appear to fix that at all either. I'm going to give the retin-a micro more more shot after my dermatologist and myself are satisfied my skin is calmed enough to try to tone it, but I have little faith in it. Any suggestions on some other products that I could discuss with my dermatologist? I don;t like having to rely purely on what she says. I'd rather have someone who has had experiences with these products to share their views and suggestions. Thank you very very much for all your help.

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