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[QUOTE=corona4]i don't believe that diet doesn't play a role.

i saw a acupunturist a few months ago...and she told me if i both relaxed, and ate lots of fish, and flaccid oil, my acne would clear up. i hate fish, and i haven't been able to get ahold on any flaccid i've yet to try it. i've heard stories on here about people changing their diets by not eating so much junk and eating more heathly, and having their faces clear up.

i don't understand your reasoning with pores being transfered through using a razor twice. even if you wash it w/ alcohol?

i'm a poor college student, and i can't afford a few hundred bucks to go see a dermotologist, and then have to pay for accutane or any of the other things they perscribe.

i think i'm gonna try shaving every other day though, and see if it helps (my occurs mainly in the chin/jaw area).[/QUOTE]

Hey Corona,

I agree, I do not understand how on earth people can say diet has no connection to acne. OF COURSE IT DOES! How many times do we have to say it! The problem is the effects of diet vary from person to person. Some people can eat chocolate everday and hardly ever get pimples and some people like me will get pimples if I eat chocolate. Diet is ONE of many factors that contribute to causing acne. There is no question about it. The question remains is to what extent it effects you personally.

And you should listen to your acupuncturist. Eating fish and flaxseed is great for your skin because it contains Omega-3/6. You should definitely incorporate it into your diet.

With regards to shaving, I have noticed that whenever I shave my skin always looks a hell of alot better than before. It seems much clearer. Of course you can use the same razor so long as you clean it with as you said a bit of alcohol. Using a new razor EVERTIME is too much and too costly! I'm a student too and there is no way I could afford that. A good tip is to steam your face just before you shave for say 4-5mins as this will open the pores hence you will less likely cut yourself. When you have finished shaving splash your face with some aftershave. I also think this is probably what helps my skin look better. The alcohol from the aftershave gets inside the pores and "cleans" them out or "sterilizes" them, whatever you want to call it. It also stops the bleeding if you have cut yourself by closing up the pores.

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