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1. [QUOTE=erica1213]oooooooooh, can we eat oatmeal with honey? is that safe? I'm trying out this diet too, btw.

2. how long have you been on this diet? you say you've noticed an improvement. how much? Thanks![/QUOTE]

1.I started cutting out all those foods just on my own just out of sheer desperation, starting 2-3 months ago. I cut dairy and bread, sugar, for good etc. two months ago, because once i realized it was getting results, i'd blacklist even more foods.

Now, i've been eating oatmeal (with lots of honey yes :)), since about three weeks ago, just to get some energy back, and not go anorexic, but honestly havnt seen deterioration.

2. well, I don;t want to jinx it, but A LOT. both because my skin is clear (still some unevenness from scars; i wasnt *that* bad to begin with, but still flare up occasionally, and have red bumps on my face). it was like this since high school, now im 23. now, on the diet, from time to time i;d get a pimple/bump but whereas it;d be days before its gone before, now it goes away in a day or overnight. i gotta tell you though, 6 months ago, a year, you'd never care about something that small, but once you've been better, and seen what it feels to be clear, just a little thing seems like a huge deal, bringing up bad memories. and its not even been one -two months since i could say ive been clear. I dont even want to think how my life wouldve been if someone told me this 5 years ago, i've been eating so much bread, pasta, sugars, etc...

I really wish you good luck. just give it a try, but be consistent for about three weeks lots of all kinds of fruits and veggies (esp. tomatoes) and barbecued fish, you have nothing to lose (cept weight :))).

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