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[QUOTE=rippey]Alexandra, have your "wierd" breakouts subsided, or have they stuck around after you went off the minocycline?[/QUOTE]

Well I actually went off of it last Christmas.. and my face was so oily, in all the pics the light's reflecting off of my face it's terrible. And, I broke out on my forehead like crazy and my cheeks too.. I had to go on Accutane to counteract the side effect of going off of Mino. So, Accutane cleared me up, I took it from March-Aug.. but I'm breaking out only in 1 place now and I think it's just the Accutane working.. as I'm totally clear now except for one small "area" (like ths size of a dime) on my cheek whatever that means!! ANyway, eat lots of carrots, avoid milk, go on accutane, and attack any zits you get immediately. That's my regimen. ANd, AVOID Mino!!!! At all costs.

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