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I am going to try this a spot treatment tonight. Should I leave the mask on my spots over night or just for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off? Thanks in advance!
I don't know if this will make anyone feel better but they recommend aspirin as a spot treatment in the January issue of Fitness magazine. This is where I got the tip and have been trying it successfully for the past month on any cysts, so far I haven't found one spot treatment retail cream I like, dries me up in other places too much so I tried this. My mom had me ask my uncle who's an RN and he said it should be fine, my internist didn't offer much more than that. I only crush up one tablet to make a paste and use about half of that, dries it up and red spots do fade. I'm also pretty dry and this doesn't interfere or make that worse for those wondering. Haven't tried the mask, I just don't like them, I'm wondering if using it as a soft scrub would work at all?
I only use it every 3 nights or every other day b/c being a habitual migrane sufferer I take excedrin migrane which already has aspirin with my reg. meds, even though I got the okay I'm always cautious with long term effects on anything I use, guess you just have to use common sense!
[QUOTE=lazloe]Ah, alright. I think the ones right now are coated, but they're still white. *Shrugs* I'll have to look into this. This'll be my second night on the mask, and I can't really tell a big difference (besides really soft skin, which is great).

One last question. 6 Tablets mixed with water really isn't covering my whole face and I can't ever get it to go on evenly. I've made a couple different batches of the aspirin mask in order to try out consistency and from the best cream like ones I've only been able to cover 1/3 - 1/2 of my face and the covered space isn't evenly. Anyone ever try a brush?[/QUOTE]

All brands of asprin are coated nowadays. You won't be able to find a brand that doesn't have at least a light coat. It's part of the regulation now. If the asprin is white I'm pretty sure it'll work for you. Bayer makes a brand that has a light coat that works well. I get mine from my local drugstore that is a generic brand of Bayer and it works well. You just have to read the label closely.

When I use the mask it doesn't cover all of my face either. It's not going to go on like a tradtional mask anyway. The best thing I've found is to just do a little bit at a time and spread it very thinly and go back and pat in the big spots that are uncovered. You're going to be able to see your skin through the mask. Make sure to start with the areas you really want to concentrate on.

I haven't tried a brush but I've thought about it. The best brush to use for it would be one of those fan brushes. If you ever try it, let me know if it works better
hi everyone. so i tried it and all i can say is WOW! i only had 2 aspirin in the house on sunday night so i gave it a try...just put it on my bad spots. didnt notice anything right away but when i woke up yesterday morning i'd say about 1/2 of the small bumps i get on my forehead were gone! so of course i ran out to buy some more aspirin yesterday. did another mask last night...this time using 4 tablets & applied it to almost my whole face...just left out the spots where i never get zits. i cant believe how much smoother my forehead is! no medication that i have ever used has done this for me! my cheeks & chin still have a few pimples but they are considerably smaller. my skin definitely looks a lot better...i cant believe how fast that works! i havent had any skin irritation so far so my plan is to continue using this treatment each night for the next few days to see how it goes. i'll report back! :D

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