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skimom - I have slightly low - moderate acne with a bit of oily skin. I'm still trying to find a solution to the oily skin part, but it's not so bad. Using this mask every other day for me has been improving my skin wonderfully, and I rarely break out now. Actually stopping it for a few days,because I ran out... I had a few... it probably had to do with because I didn't wash my face two nights in a row, and waking up real late both days from going out n' wearing all the club fumes in my skin. Now restarting the cycle again, things are starting to come under control again. I have never tried any of these biomedic products nor micro-peels or any prescribed medications. I just stick to washing my face with dial gold soap twice a day and do the mask in the evening before I go to sleep. Afterwards I just moisturize with a light garnier zinc enriched cream. The only thing I notice from this is the drying, but it's basically the skin that is being exfoliated.

If I do feel the need to wash my face during the day, I just rinse my face with cold-tepid water, dry off, and reapply my moisturizer. Only wash w/ soap 2x day like I have mentioned.

I also take a zinc (30-50mg) and vit c. (500mg) over the counter supplement, Fish Oil capsules, and a regular centrum multivitamin and try to drink about a half a gallon water/day. I also try to reduce the intake of sugared drinks and keep from eating heavy carb rich meals after 8pm. The latter is just so that I watch my diet, but it could also help. I don't void carbs at all... you need them for daily energy needs.

To the others...

449271 - I am not sure about the usage of accutane and the mask. I don't know how the affect of the medication is on the "drying" part of it. The aspirin mask may dry you up a bit, but as long as you moisturize it should be ok. Please check with a doctor first on that, I can't give a concrete opinion.

You dont necessarily have to purchase Bayer brand aspirin. As long as it's the 500mg regular strength type,non-coated should be ok.

Hope this helps, and hope others are getting good results from this as well. Happy Holidays!

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