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topic. i have had *bad* bacne since i was 14. i saw a derm and he was puzzled. he said it didn't look like any acne he'd seen before--hundreds of tiny dark-red bumps all over my upper back and chest...he prescribed Benzaclin, that just dried my skin horribly; it literally felt like sandpaper. didn't get rid of the zits. (just ruined my favorite tank!!)

i also tried nature's cure: pills and spray, 10% BP, neutrogena bodyclear body wash, stridex body wash (currently; seems to be working a tiny bit), stridex pads, oxy pads, tried eliminating fishnets for a while, kiss my face acne gel, and more...

what is the worst is that it is seriously ruining my life...people ask me to go swimming with them, but i don't wanna go to the lake in a t-shirt, that's just...weird.

this has made me so paranoid...when i was with my ex i would feel his back and shoulders just to see if he had bacne too, so i wouldn't be a freak to him.

i have been hearing about head & shoulders for body acne, but my hair is horribly dry and damaged (i used to bleach it every week!!) even so, i use shampoo & conditioner with tea tree oil, which *should* be ok and not cause acne.

can i continue using the tea tree hair products? i always do that before treating my acne...

should i rub the head & shoulders into my skin? sounds a little odd, but i am ready to try just about anything...(you're talking to the chick that put hair bleach on her moles!!)
yeah, you can try the original head and shoulders shampoo.... massage it in w/ a back scrub, and leave it on for a minute, rinse.. and repeat the process if you want....
i know some people may not agree w/ this... but sitting in a sauna once a week helped me... you couldwear shorts and a t-shirt in there and not havre to expose ur back.. if there is a sauna that you could go to, it might not be a bad idea....
drink lots of water afterwards, and just in general anyways...
a lot of people have found success from supplementing w/ vitamin b5....
also try not to worry about it.. stress is never good for the skin.. well its not good for anything really... just remember everyone suffers, so just don't give in and stress about it and worry, fight back and relax.....
Hey, I know how you feel, I've had acne on my back and chest for 11 years now and also feel it is ruining my life! I never would go swimming and wouldn't go to proms either, so as not to expose my back and chest. I feel for you, I know what it's like to have to hide your body all the time, it's really frustrating :( !! I haven't even had a boyfriend because I've been too embarrassed about it and am too scared of the rejection if anyone sees it. My doctor prescribed me the pill (Diane-35) 3 months ago, and it is slightly improving. I'm considering going on a course of accutane though. I tried H&S, but haven't been doing it for long enough to really tell if there's an improvement. It stings a bit so that usually means its doing something ;) Hang in there, and let us know how you get along.
PS: what brand shampoo are you using cos my hair is also really dry but I don't know what to use to not make the acne worse?
PPS: I'm also doing the drink a whole lemon/per day thing, will let you know if I see any difference. :bouncing:
cat_erpillar: i am using giovanni's "tea tree triple treat" shampoo & conditioner. you should be able to find it in health-food stores.

however, i don't know if it causes bacne or not, i just assume it's ok b/c it has tea tree oil in it.

also for dry hair i used to use giovanni's 10-minute hair strengthening lotion, but i stopped when i found out if you don't rinse it out 100% completely, it leaves a nasty build-up that looks like dandruff -_-;; plus, i don't know what effect that has on skin.

i will probly buy either h&s or herbal logix this weekend, if either of those clears me up i'll post it here.
hey.. i feel ur pain although probably not to the extent that you dO! i suffer(ed) from mild-moderate backne just recently and i posted on this board about what to do! so many people said to try head and shoulders shampoo on my back... so i did! it has worked soooo much in only less then a week of use! so i would say try it.. if anything it wont hurt ur back! hope this helps and keep us updated! God Bless and Happy Holidays!!!!
What about your diet? Is it too lo in fat. Have you ever tried raw milk. It does wonders for your dkin and will NOT make you gain weight. I actually lost 7 lbs w/o wanting to whe I started to drink it. Any way you could check out the Weston A. Price Foundation. Thery have a web site and it is full of stuff about nutrition. As most homeopathic/naturopathic doctors will tell you, most (degenerative) diseases can be prevented by a diet that has a high density of nutrients-that means grown w/o chemicals and min. processed. I have been eating this way for over a yr and it is tremendous. We are never sick, my kids are never sick. Another site to check out is Penny Kelly owns this farm in Lawton Michigan and has written several books. She is a naturopathic, doctor and has her PhD in nutrition. Good luck in your search. And remember-you are (literally) what you eat.
i don't think my diet is too low in fat, i get around 30-40g/day from healthy foods. as for the milk, i am not sure what raw milk is...does that mean organic/hormone-free? cause that is what i put on my cereal.

my diet was *entirely* organic and vegan for about 3 months, but i didn't notice a difference in my skin. so now the only guidelines i follow are eating healthy food, getting enough protein, taking a multivitamin, limiting sugar and white foods, keeping the fat down, and i try to keep my calories under 1800/day.

so, i don't think my diet has anything to do with it...

bacne is so confusing...i am actually considering buying h&s *tonight*, if my dad gets off work soon enough.
I used H&S and it did not work. Maybe I didnt use it long enough but it did not seem to work.
Hey I know exactly how you feel. I don't have bacne but I do have pretty bad stretch marks on my back and they are just bad and hard to treat.

For me it has totally ruined my life. I am mortified of having to be in a situation where my shirt might come off....and since I'm 17 years old that pretty much destroys my chances of having a girlfriend. I also LOVE swimming and going to the river and I haven't been able to do that for 2 years now :(

I just hope that there is something that can be done for both of us because we shouldn't have to live like this!!!!!
Head and shoulders dries my hair out too,but I am going to try it on my back.Thanks for the tip.
I have one,when you rinse conditioner off in shower,lean forward to rinse so it won't run down onto your back and clog pores.My doc thinks my conditioners may break me out,so far I haven't cleared up but it may be helping some.My worst prob is when acne is healing it itches so bad on my back,I feellike the skin is going to bust.

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