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:nono: [QUOTE=burtonbabe]One of my teachers in high school took accutane when she was younger because she had acne and she said it was,at the time,a blessing but now that shes older she wishes she had never taken it.Shes 40 years old and she has the skin of a 70 year old,its always extremely dry and flakey and her nose is always red and no matter what kind of moisturizor she uses her skin cant get moisturized.This is because of accutane and how it permanantly shuts down the oil glands.Think about it,you wont have oily skin now which is great but when your older you wont have any natural moisturizors (oil glands) in your skin so you'll get wrinkles and look a lot older way before your time.

Im glad I have oily skin cuz that can be controlled..I just tell myself that when Im older my skin will be radiant and glowing while the other people who had non oily skin will look alot older than me.[/QUOTE]
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Having oily skin does NOT keep you from aging. This has always been a huge myth! Protecting your skin from the SUN prevents premature aging of the skin. All aging of the skin has to do with SUN DAMAGE!!!!!! (and the breaking down of collegen/free radical damage) I took accutane 1 year ago, and still have slightly oily skin, so NO accutane doesn't make your skin dried out for the rest of your life!

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