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Hi Lisa, my sympathy goes out to you. I understand what you are going through, I think we all do on this board. Don't worry you should get some good advice from this board. I have never condoned peels in any way, they only seem to damage skin and if you just think about it how can burning your skin be of any benefit to it? Yes it may remove all current skin imperfections but once the skin has healed over, as you said, everything just comes back. It's cure rather than prevention! I'm not entirely sure what a Beta peel contains in it but I'm assuming it's probably glycolic acid. Please please don't go for another one. Go see a dermatologist to get a second opinion before you consider your next step. First let your skin heal, don't apply any cosmetics for the next 10 days, wash with once or twice a day with water ONLY and use good old aqueous cream to keep your skin moisturised. This will speed up the healing process.

But what might be an interesting angle to examine is why all of a sudden your skin has developed acne. You're 22 and you say you had beautiful clear skin beforehand a few months back so maybe you underwent a big change in your lifestyle? Have you recently changed your diet, become pregnant, taken any medicines for a long period of time, changed your job (maybe working less in sunlight and more inside an office pumped with air conditioning) etc.? I'm 99% sure the is a reason to why you have suddenly developed acne, just try thinking back to when it happened and what you were doing then.

Whatever you do though, don't stress and try and stay positive.

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