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Thanks everyone for the replies. Was suprised to see this since I posted this post on Dec 18th with no replies. clrup - I waited a while before wearing make-up. Actually there was no way in the world I could have worn make-up as I looked like a lizzard shedding it's skin and it would take days before one piece would fall off. Not exactly pretty by any means.
Neca - the Beta peel is 100% pure salicylic acid. I did not change anything in my routine except I started working out more.. that could be it but I don't know. Maybe there's something I'm not catching? It could very well be stress. I lost my grandfather in July 2003 and on top of that I am in college and about to graduate in a few months. On top of all that my grandmother passed away on January 1st 2004 in front of me in the ER.. so it very well could be stress and maybe not getting enough sleep.
Here's an update since I first posted this thread on Dec. 18th. - I decided not to go back for a 2nd beta peel. In fact I only had one more appt with the aestetician after I posted this. At that time my face was pretty broken out in what she called mild/moderate acne. My acne tends to appear in 2 spots - my foreheard and my chin/around mouth area. My cheeks are clear and fine. She wanted me to come in for another beta peel after Christmas but I chose not to as I wanted to see if I could get it under control without the peel. Plus my grandmother passed away suddenly on New years so that is another reason I have not been back to the aestetician. At the time my grandmother passed away my face became very bad (for obvious reasons) and someone who knew what I was going through felt the need to comment that that's the worst they have ever seen my face (thanks!). Anyways, I started using different products that I bought at the day spa (before Christmas) that the aestetician recommended for me. About a week ago my face has cleared up with only 1 small pimple (I have been using these products for a little over a months now). I am thrilled but scared wondering how long this will last? I changed my skin care products and added a few that she recommended to me. I use Clear Choice gentle cleanser followed by Clear Choice toner then followed by Clear Choice salicylic pads (this company does not put any added chemicals into any of their products including the pads - I compared them to Oxy etc). I only use 1 salicylic pad at night. I started taking Flax seed oil capsules at night. Once a week I use Clear Choice Pumpkin Enzyme's this gentle scrub that you put on your face and then leave on for 10 min. Also, I was out shopping and I came across a sample for a drink and loved it so I picked one up about a month ago and I have been drinking 1 glass everyday and I think it has helped clear my acne up although I did not start drinking it for that purpose. The drink is called Odwalla Superfood. It's this green drink that contains fruit and wheat grass etc.. all natural but very good drink. It contains a lot of potassium and vit A etc. One glass is equivalent to 5 fruits/vegetables. I really really think this has helped my acne.. I was surprised. My face looks good now except for the few red spots left over. Keeping fingers crossed on how long it will last. This is the clearest my face has been in many months. I'm afraid that when that time of the month rolls around that I will have a war zone on my face.. guess I will just have to wait and see. If not, I'll be right back where I started from.

Thanks for the replies!!!

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