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A Minor Relapse
Dec 18, 2003
Hi everyone,up until last March i was a regular poster here until i discovered B5 and my acne cleared up,i still visited the board but less often.
Well 9 months later and i have returned for a bit of morale boosting,
A red sore spot appeared right in the centre of my nose last saturday morning and it continued growing and growing,well we are now into Thursday and with persistant warm compresses the spot has become much smaller and not painfull.
Unfortunatley my nose is still pretty red around the area where the spot formed,all that remains now is a small cut from where the spot burst,Don,t get me wrong i would rather have a small cut than a big red spot anyday,but can anyone give me some advice to speed up the healing rate of a small cut as it seems to be taking forever to heal and i would love to have rid of this dam nuisance in time for christmas,as this would be my first spot free christmas for many years.
In fact last night i was lying in bed thinking of past christmasses and all i could think about was the spot or spots i had and not what i did or what presents i received.
I remember one christmas day waking up to find a really big boil on my face and i spent much of christmas day hiding in the bathroom applying as many different products as i could to hide the dam thing,by 2pm i had got myself that depressed that i made myself cry,
Christmas can be a really embarrising time for acne sufferers,with family and friends popping over and visiting the local pub or bar to find it full of gorgeous clear skinned people and all you can think about is how your face looks and how you wish you where hiding away at home,and then we have New Years Eve,how bad is that when you have a monster of a spot(s) on your face.
Worst of all is the fact that without doubt your face will be as clear as water come Jan 2nd when the dam party season is over lol.
I love christmas like most people will do on this board,i just hope we can all have a blemish free christmas or at least erase our brains for a week or so and have a good time.
Happy christmas to all you guys here and heres to an acne free 2004.

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