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Ethnicity/Color: Hawaiian/ Hispanic but light olive complected

Skin Type: Combo... oily t-zone, normal & some sensitive spots

Age: 22

Level: Mild-Moderate. Clear as a bell until age 19

Scarring: Grrrrr.... Yes. I have a few bumps & one little icepick on my right cheek, and some red scars is various areas. I'm a pretty fast healer... they fade fairly quick... especially in the summer time when I tan.

Whats worked: Initally it was Apri BCP... kept me clear for almost 2 years until I got off of it. Spiro/ BCP (Apri)/ Erythro Combo, Stopping the use of all topicals. Queen Helen's Mint Julep Mask as a spot treatment.

What Hasnt: ProActiv, Retin-A, 10%/5%/2.5% BP topicals (prescription and/or OTC), 2% SA topicals, Glycolic Acid topicals, Differin, Sulfoxyl, changing my diet, water, and Orthotricyclen-Lo BCP (a nightmare in little colored pills... gave me horrible breakouts for 3 months... what gave me my bumpy cheek scars)
Ethnicity/Color: caucasian, paleish skin (not porcalein, usually the second to lightest color in foundation)

Skin Type: Combo. Oily T-zone, dry nose and chin...

Age: 18

Level: Mild-Moderate. Is extremely cyclical. Started breaking out when I was about 10, got better, got worse...and so on. Right now is one of those bad times.

Scarring: Yeah, hyperpigmentation. No pitting or anything, but nice reddish-purplish marks.

Whats worked: When I used Ortho-tri-cyclen LO for the first time, it cleared me right up. But when I went off, and went back on a few months later, it made no difference whatsoever. Right now I seem to be clearing up, using Amoxicillan, Finacea, Cetaphil and aspirin masks.

What Hasn't: Anything over the counter, Benzoyl Peroxide, Benzamiacine, Erythromyacin, Tetracycline, Retin-A, Retin-A Micro, Differin, Tazorac...there has been so much more, it's easy to lose track of 8 years worth of treatment!

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