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[QUOTE=siren3]And to Mossimo, I might give in and purchase MAC foundation someday (eventhough it seems so expensive to me!), but I also do not want a really full coverage look. Because, eventhough I have little scars, blackheads and other flaws, my skin actually does glow sometimes and everyone always says how young I look, so I'm afraid of completely covering up my natural glow, but I want to cover up the bad spots and even out the pores with some sort of makeup that at least does a decently smooth job. I'm afraid "full coverage" stuff would make me look too unlike myself. Does MAC have a line of foundation that looks very smooth, evens out the pores, and basically looks natural? In other words, I don't want to be unrecognizable when I take off my makeup. Haha. Or do you know of anything else out there? Thanks for the help. :)[/QUOTE]

MAC has a whole line of different foundations. You don't have to get just the full coverage. The full coverage was good for me because I had really bad skin. It is pretty heavy though, so unless you have a lot to hide you may not want it. Since I've been on accutane and my skin's cleared up I started using MAC's liquid foundation (which is very light) and a powder and am very happy with it. You could probably get away with most types of liquid foundation and powder, they all are relatively the same...but I was recommending the full coverage because I don't know of many products that are as good as hiding bad acne. If your skin isn't that bad you have a lot more options.

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