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Can someone here please recommend a foundation that looks good on your skin? I think just about any foundation would look good on someone with "perfect" skin, but my skin isn't so great here lately, it just recently became a bit problematic at the age of 23. I would like to find a foundation that is smooth and non-cakey on the skin, to cover some uneveness, a little scarring, and some blackheads, and a small bit of acne that is actually clearing up, but still has some slight red scarring. I guess my skin could be MUCH worse, but compared to how good it used to be, it is a problem for me. I have messed it up in some places by picking and squeezing blackheads, and that can cause enlarged pores and little scars, so I would like a good foundation for that. I am going to start Jojoba oil soon, and maybe something else, also am using Apple Cider vinegar, which helps pretty good, but while I'm "fixing" my skin I would like some decent makeup, too. The confusing thing is that my skin was always oily or slightly oily, but now it is starting to peel in some places, mostly the outer edges of my face and some of my cheek, I think it's due to using the wrong cleansers, creams and harsh things like that, and my T-Zone is still slightly oily, and I still sometimes get enlarged pores there and on my cheeks. So would you recommend anything based on what I've described? Is it better to use more or less when it comes to these problems? I would like to use less, but if it takes more than I will. Any other makeup tips for these problems? Also, I can't really purchase any of the MAC line now, I've heard it's really good, but just can't get something real expensive now, so if you know of anything else that is good, please let me know. (by the way, Cover Girl "Clean" foundation works horribly on me right now, also I don't want to use anything drying at all, nothing with "acne medicine" in it.) Thanks a lot for any help, I'd SO very much appreciate it!

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