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I am 5'10" and weigh about 150lbs. I took 80mg per day for 5 months.
I had mild/moderate persistent acne for almost 10 years. It took me a
long time to take accutane due to the tremendous amount of possible
side effects I read. However, after having acne for so long and
after months of research, I took the plung.

I am very satisifed with my skin. I have been off for over a month
with no acne whatsoever. In fact, my skin is no longer oily, I
have "normal" skin type now - not dry or oily. I only apply
moisturizer with spf30 in the morning & oil-free moisturizer both by
Peter Thomas Rothv like I did when I was on Accutane. No more acne treatments. All that is left is mild blotchy skin due to years of acne which my dermatologist will start treating in a couple of weeks. I stopped Ortho-TriCyclen-Lo after I finished Accutane.

The only side effects I had was dry lips & joint "cackling" (my derm
says this is stiffness), which happened in the 5th month of
accutane. The joint stiffness is now gone after a couple days of
getting of accutane. I think I had slightly increased hair shedding
which I think has stopped.

For anyone considering, please take accutane. My only regret is not
taking it sooner before having all the residual hyperpigmentation
from the acne.

Currently, I only wear loose powder in the morning (apply only once a
day since I don't have oily skin anymore) by Becca Cosmetics.

BTW, it is true of what they say about positive Accutane do not think about acne anymore, therefore you don't
post on message boards. Believe me, there are alot of positive
outcomes, they just don't post as much because they don't worry about
skin too much anymore. I just thought I would share my results, I
haven't been on here in awhile.


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