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the thing about these diet plans is they cause acne suffers to feel guilty and it their fault they have acne plus it leads to anorexic behaviors and cuts out some very essential foods to stay who can actually stay on these diets 100%?even when sunfell first posted she said wait til thanksgiving is over to christmas and new years is up.....does that mean u can go off and back on after the holidays?i think you should eat healthy and drinks lots of water to stay healthy but will this help your acne?i ate lettuces and other vegs for 9 years and still had horrible skin and was diagnosed as being anorexic.i was put on med to gain not saying these diets dont just seems like they are pretty hard to stick to let alone find something you can eat.everyone knows that pizza,soda pop,french fries and junk food like this is not good for you in the long run.i think acne is caused by a hormonal imbalance because in my case spiro suppressed my hormones and my skin was 100% normal.but being male and the fact that androgens are causing my sebasious glands to produce more sebum i dont see any alternative for me.....unless i want to live with my acne the next 20 more years.hey if a diet plan works for you go with it but i think there are some great meds out there that have really worked great for people too.a lot of topicals work great for the mild to moderate acne suffers.then the severe acne suffers accutane,spiro,bc pills works that they are coming out with new things all the time.i wish i had as many meds when i was everyone has access to the internet here so search for acne and acne scarring sites and do your research.hopefully 10 to 20 years down the road your kids wont have to suffer the way you did.see ya!

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