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[QUOTE]well if your trying to say i eat worse than people that dont have acne then your wrong on that.[/quote]

no one is saying that.

[quote]i never ate at junk food restaurants for years.ok im opened minded about this diet thing but tell me what can you eat?[/quote]

what I can eat after cleansing is fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, raw nuts, raw seeds, fresh organic meats, and gluten-free grains.

[quote]my derm back before accutane came out about 1981 told me to eat a lot of i ate a ton of carrots and my face still broke out.[/quote]

she/he was probably thinking vitamin A.

[quote]androgens was causing my acne for years.the only way to balance androgens are with anti-androgens.[/quote]

Your body produces the correct balance if it has what it needs and the liver is working to eliminate your hormones so that they do not keep recirculating.

[quote]if diet works like an anti-androgen then i will be steril anyways.right now i dont eat anything with refined sugar in it.i dont eat very much at all lately but i have been eating in fast food joints lately and do sometimes get a pepsi.why isnt anyone doing research on this.get someone with acne and only let them eat your diet plan for 12 weeks.[/quote]

I did it. People are doing it. It is all around if you look for it.

[quote]this has to be done in a controlled enviroment so the patient cant cheat.[/quote]

Yes, that would be necessary, for the medical establishment.

[quote]my skin is all clear.tell me why i should go off of spiro.[/quote]

I don't think you should or shouldn't. It is your choice. The only thing I think is that people should have the choice.

[quote]plus that i think im a better person.i do not need sexual intercourse to live.[/quote]

Understood. Jesus didn't need it. Neither did Paul.

[quote]i think a lot of the pro-diet group are not opened minded about just saying even if it does work almost nobody can stick to it.[/quote]

But if someone can it is worth it for them.

[quote]look i have been getting it from all fronts for years.people have said to you eat? you have aids?........are you a hermaphidite?......are you gay? eat too much junk.....i like my men with meat on their bones.........your too skinny......[/quote]

No one is aiming this at you here. We are a community.

[quote]im 42 now and i never had a chance to be young.i want a few years before i die to least not suffer from acne.odds are i will never make it to 55 mainly because all the depression and anxiety that acne has caused going to eat a balanced diet but still stay on not going off spiro and try everybodys diet plan when my face is breaking out and rescaring my face.i have spent 12,000 dollars in the last 2 years on scar reduction im really sick of this whole acne nightmare.[/QUOTE]

understood. Peace.

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