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............Oh wait, it's because [B]you don't fully understand HOW Diet could play such a role in our hormone production[/B], particularly in terms of acne, right? Well let me tell you neither do the dermatologists, doctors, and heck even myself. There's alot to be desired (I want MORE diet & Acne studies), but based on the information that I've found, my own experiences, and others testimonies....we KNOW that there's a connection, several connections.

In fact, I've spelled it out to you so many times, that I'm sick of hearing my own self say it again and again ;-) I'll have to find that Insulin Post for ya'll in the archives, but until then, let's back up a bit. Now, when you were 6, 8, or even 10, you could eat whatever you wanted right? Now suddenly you are in your teens, going through PUBERTY, and good percentage of you are Breaking Out, yet your eating habits are still relatively the same, right? Well...think about it, [B]you weren't going through puberty when you were 10 and that's WHY you didn't breakout out[/B]. Now that you are, say 15 and are breaking out, it's because [B]your body has now entered into a "state of Insulin Resistance" otherwise known as.....Puberty![/B] So what does that mean to you? Well it means that now, your body's cells are already resistant to accepting glucose (I don't know how), therefore by eating these foods, and increasingly eating MORE of certain foods, mainly [U]High Glycemic Load Carbohydrates (but I don't carb count), and for some even Dairy, and hydrogenated oils,[/U] you have basically made this situation MUCH WORSE.

Yet, your body [B]did[/B] this. Your body NEEDED to become Insulin Resistant in order for you to grow properly. [B]It needed your Insulin Levels and Cholesterol Levels to Increase so that you would produce the Neccessary hormones that are required for male and female reproductive development[/B]. Once you are done going through puberty, under normal circumstances, your body will cease being Insulin Resistant. However, because [B]those of us on a "western diet" consume beyond the average amount of carbohydrates daily, our bodies remain in a constant state of Insulin Resistance.[/B] The average amount is around 200g and by changing my diet I've lowered my carbhoydrate intake by 50% to 200 - 300g a day. Now, when you add up all the foods (based on the food pyramid), junk foods, etc that you eat daily, you should land somewhere in the 200g - [B]800g Carbohydrate/day[/B], and that is TOO MUCH!

Remember how starving yourself, thus [B]denying yourself nutrients, can cause hormonal imbalances?[/B] Well the [B]same[/B] thing can happen if you have too much of a particular nutrient, hormone, etc. In general, [B]having Too much of something will OVERSTIMULATE some aspect of your body[/B], create an imbalance of some sort, and cause further problems.

Now, like I said before, your [U]Genetics decides how your Lifestyle will effect you[/U] (you do not have to be a victim of your genetics).Therefore, because cholesterol is what produces the hormones, that might explain why some acne sufferers are underweight (body chose to create more hormones instead of fat cells). That might also explain why other acne sufferers are overweight. This can also explain why some people end up being obese, yet have clear skin (the cholesterol became fat cells). Not to mention, why some people ended up having High Blood Pressure, Hyperthyroidism, Diabetes, etc. Of course there are those that ended up having SEVERAL metabolic disorders, so we should be lucky that [B]Hyperandrogenism[/B] (acne, hirsuitism) is all that we ended up with (or that some of you know of).

Also, I'm not saying that I guarantee you 100% that by altering your diet, you will get clear, but I've yet to come across someone that accurately followed one of the more "stricter" diets that didn't get at least 50% clear. In fact[B] most people end up being 95% - 100% clear once they find the [U]right[/U] Diet Combination[/B]. That really is the problem, you all think that it's a one size fits all sort of thing, and I'm not entirely certain that it is. For some of you medicine will be more powerful, for others it is Diet and/or Supplements (some of these are vital nutrients) that will be our "cure". Regardless, you won't catch me creating a thread that's arguing and putting down other medications (except antibiotics). I used them, I used the "greats" and they weren't effective enough for me. Doesn't mean they didn't work for me, they just didn't work GOOD ENOUGH.

Before I go I'll add in one more thing. [B]I altered my diet 3 times over the past 16 years before I got it right [/B] (the fourth time). Sadly enough, all it took was some [B]knowledge[/B] about how the body works to finally hit it on the nail (can't cry over the past). So "if at first you don't succeed, try try again." [U]If you see a glimmer of hope (slight improvement), then think about what else you are eating that others of us are [B]avoiding[/B] and see if maybe that's what's preventing you from being clear[/U]. [B]I NEVER would have found out the truth about soda, peanuts, cherries, and bananas, had I not eliminated the GRAINS first. [/B] That's how wierd my body was. [B] I Eliminated Chocolate and Soda for 10 years and NEVER saw difference. [/B], but [U]once I eliminated the gluten grains, I quickly realized how problematic the above foods were for me[/U] too (I can eat chocolate). So [B]just because you eat something consistently, doesn't mean it's not causing you problems[/B]. In fact, some of the foods you eat on a daily basis are the ones you should think seriously about temporarily eliminating. Otherwise, You will not know [B]100%[/B], unless you [B]avoid it 100%[/B] for a few weeks.

Of course, talk to your doctor or a nutritionist before you do this, especially if you are prone to eating disorders. Plan this out, research this and think about he kinds of meals and snacks you will be eating during your Trial Peroid. This is especially important for former anorexics or anyone with an eating disorder. While I've come across some that have acheived clear skin through a Gluten Free diet or similar diet, they need specific guidelines to follow or else, they will start to worry about every little thing they eat and that's something none of you should be doing. I don't, but that's just me again. I'm like a kid in a candy store looking at all the NEW possibilites of foods and flavors that I can eat. To me this is exciting and instead of seeing this as some sort of punishment (good health, clear skin...hardly punishment), I wish more of you would see this as an opportuntity to expand your tastes and horizons. =)

Nighty night

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