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I completely understand. I have been battling with cystic acne for almost 8 years and it gave me such a horrible self image that it ruined alot in my life. I also developed a disroder called CSP and body dysmorphic disorder. I have gotten to the point that I didn't leave my house really or had a job for over a year due to my acne. Just recently am looking into going back to school dispite the three or so cystic lesions on my face at a time and a daily zit. Self esteem effects alot in your life and severe acne has effected it to such an extent that I know acne has ruined alot in my life even a carrer that I had in modeling. I have been at times aversive to people and my appearance has gotten comments and stares. With this in mind, I have fears of being judged by this. A many occasions have thought of suicide due to these awful acne cysts. And I know if I am just having blackheads or clogged pores I constantly fear that they will become cysts or scars cause at least three of them a month do. I at times get can't sleep cause I am afraid of what will happen overnight or my face just hurts too much.

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