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This sounds like what I had been suffering from, OSP disorder or acne exoriee (spelling on that word might be wrong). It is a form of body dysmorphic disorder often accompanied with eating disorders. It is very important to see someone for it like a therapist, not ocd meds for they do not work for it is not OCD, and talk about body dysmorhic disorder. I know how it feels to want to pick at everything then look like a burn victim or something. I also know how it feels to not see anybody till you heal. I used to call in sick from work, make lies to people because if I told them I can't see them due to picking at my face like mad the night before well I would sound strange etc etc. It is important to look into why you do it. For me it was trying to control the acne and DESTROY IT. However I have bad scarring every inch of my face from picking. Now the clogged pores on me last for a month or two sometimes on my face but I leave them alone. I have gotten to the only ones I pick, not pick exactly I use a comedone extractor infront of my mother or dad or fiance', and I press on the JESUS THAT THING HAS A HEAD. The only reason I extract those is because I found myself having pus oozing out of them after a shower or by just washing my face and that grossed me out. Yeah I have body dysmorphic disorder and will probaby have it for a long time perhaps all my life, and I have found out that I have accepted it and know that what I see is not real and try hard not to look at myself in the mirror. With the body dysmorphic disorder I actually do have cystic acne so its kinda like hell for me. But each day I try to make improvements like who cares I have this cyst on my chin I will leave the house anyways. Skin picking can get serious I have heard of peopple using knives on their face and I too used a cuticle scissors on my face at times to get rid of a clogged pore and that is when you have not faced the problem. It is imparative that you know this is not a light matter especially if you have an eating disorder or strict dieting off and on. Though skin picking can not kill you persay, eating disorders can. Plus low self esteem ruins your life in so many ways from relationships to depression to carrers.

[QUOTE=T-zone]I'm worse than the lot of you because I have better skin than most people, I haven't had anything deeper than a normal small spot since I made large changes to my diet yet I often go to war on something as small as a blocked pore and BOOM, I will make a big red area and not want anyone to see me. I need my hands tied behind my back or something. Ironic that I have the self control not to eat even 1 sweet or 1 slice of bread for over 6 months but I can't not attack the smallest of imperfection knowing it always makes it worse.

A New years resolution is in order I think :)

However, you can definately get over it, it only takes time.[/QUOTE]

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