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I am going to be 25 in one month and YAY got one cyst on my face three old ones going away, 25 clogged pores, and one zit popping up as we speak. JESUS DOES ACNE GO AWAY!!!. I have cried so many times over this. Go to bed with fear in my mind about what I will look like in the morning. I always have something on my face that is sore to touch. I see a derm and have tired so much. The only way my skin is clear is by using stuff that torches my face and gives me blisters and raw skin. I have tries three forms of antibiotics and have been on them for years, dry ice treatments that made my skin bleed, tried the picking at everything in sight for years and that caused scarring, tried glycolic acid, BHA, acne surgery on cysts (what a great feeling having a doctor take a knife to your face, great for your self esteem), benzoyl peroxide up to 15%, novacet, benzaclin, benzamycin, glycolic peels, facials once a week (which never helped me at all and those products they endorse SUCK for skin as bad as mine),microdermabrasion , tazorac, or combinations of the things above. Had some time in which my skin was undercontrol but my skin was in pain from irritation with blisters, peeling skin, scaling, burning which kept me up at night, and dryness that made me bleed. Had a year here now that I didn't really leave the house and had no job cause I was so embarassed about my acne. Thought of suicide at times as well but my loved ones keep me ticking. It is my depression that is making me and docs scared about accutane with me. Allready have been in hospital due to the depression acne has caused me. So when you say you are depressed, I UNDERSTAND. I understand how it goes, trying to cover each mirror in the house so you can't see yourself cause each time you want to cry. I know how it feels to look down and HOPE noone sees you. No one understand the physical an emotional pain of severe acne. If you have cystic acne then you will understand my pain.

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