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I am currently on Benzaclin, SAL AC wash, yasmin, and erthromycin. My skin broke out bad intially with yasmin and it is getting better from 6-9 cyst per month to now I got only one but they take FOREVER AND THEY SCAR. Plus they hurt so much. I have been on antibioitcs for such a long time and changed three times due to resistance. I can no longer take minocycline, and tetracycline. All in all, I have been off and on antibioitics for over three years this being my longest stretch of a year and a half. The suckiest thing is that I know of a combination that works well but my skin can not tolerate it. People say my skin is looking better but I constantly have a cyst on my face that is healing. I used to pick like crazy and have scars galore. Just cystic acne is so depressing and disturbing. THEY JUST PLAIN HURT. It is going to be 8 years of this C#$!). So yeah I AM SICK OF IT. True those 8 years I had good times and had it under control but all of a sudden BAM BAD. I also got facial hair, body hair, and other signs of PCS. So that is why I started on the yasmin. It is sad that something like acne can do such harm when you really think about it, it is silly to be depressed about it, but the only people who can relate to me is people with cystic acne. See with "normal zits" you can just wait till they have this huge head and use an extractor on them or wait till they come out on their own, with cystic weeks pass by and they are not gone yet. And when the bump is gone sometimes they finally surfacw with blood and yucky stuff that is just so much and leave a huge whole. But regardless they scar. The pain is unbearable at times when you get more then one or so. See, I have stubborn acne but not horrible. And if I search for another derm, I could go on accutane but I am not horrible, it just won't go away. I understand and agree with my derm about accutane that it should not be just prescribed like crazy. However, there are times that if I get more then a few cyst I will consider it. Cause just one on your face makes you depressed and uncomfortable up the ying yang.
The most cyst I have ever had on my face was seven and all of them were on my jawline. This was month two of the yasmin and I remember I could not sleep on my sides and felt like my teeth were pulled or something. If the time comes I get them all over, I know that I could not tolerate the pain and would consider the acctutane. But it's getting better but I constatly fear what if that blackhead/whitehead turns into a cyst? I have almost a cystaphobia now but don't dare pick anymore. I went to see a therapist for almost 6 months to keep me from picking and WHIPPEE. have not picked in almost 5 months. Well I do use an extractor on the DUDE THIS HAS SUCH A HEAD. Cause I was not picking NADA and every morning or so after a shower puss would be pouring out of a zit all over my face GROSS GROSS GROSS. But still, the scars. :(. I wakep fearing if I have a breakout. I go to bed touching my bumps and clogged pores hoping they won't turn into this huge nasty thingie. ACNE IS HORRIBLE and I pray that it continues to get better to a point that I can feel pretty and confident and don't have pain anymore. The funny thing is that I have so much scarring that if I have a new scar it just blends to the rest of my face so you don't notice. THe scarring doesn't bug me right now. What bugs me is the cyst.

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