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Re: Help please
Dec 23, 2003
[QUOTE=frosty87]Ok can anyone tell me how to help my daughter she has "noncystic" acne just these millions of tiny bumps. I took her to the dermatoligist yesterday and he ordered an antibiotic (oral) and another pill and some cream sorry I did not expect to write this or I would have the names of the meds (maybe tomorrow). But I fortunatly never had acne so I really have no clue what else to tell her to help. I am going to try Duie's lemon water since it just makes good sense and it is easy enough. I hesitate to have her do anything that will dry her face out since she has really sensitive skin just feel like if I dry it out it will retaliate and produce more oil. So anyone have any ideas I can pass on to her on how to make it better. The dr. said "this is the kind that I hate to treat cause when you come back in 2 months for your checkup you will till have acne. No quick cure for this kind of acne just alot of work" He was not very positive and now she is really depressed I just want help her have hope.[/QUOTE]
Hi frosty.
I have had acne from age 9-24, now that I am 26 my skin is clear. I have tried everything. Nothing worked. Well, nothing that was prescribed anyway. What I learned from this is not to overwash or touch. Pop only when white because she doesn't want scars. Wash the face in the morning with liquid type soap only. The solid soap leaves a residue that blocks the pores. If she is old enough to wear makeup, I suggest dabbing some pan-stick max factor foundation, it won't break her out, and avoid powders at all costs. At night remove makeup with oxy clearing pads the max strength. I do this and it normally takes 1-3 pads per night and then let her go to bed. Washing day and night irritates my skin. I wish I knew this when I was yonger. I think I should have paid attention to my friend Amanda who always had clear skin and never washed it at night. duh. Anyways this is what I do. P.S, those oxy pads will dry up the skin if used with another acne medication.

-another thing..foods never mattered. I broke out no matter what foods. I think Pepsi caused me to get a cyst pimple a couple of times though. Another thing, strangly my face seemed to clear up when I went on dark chocolate binges, but I don't know. I hate to get into the diet battle. :)

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