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I've had acne since 13, took 2 courses of roacctuane only to enjoy about a year and a half in total of relief then it came back. My mum has had it her whole life so I was worried. I used to use this forum about 3-4 years ago and always thought its a shame you never hear about the success stories. Once someones cured its easy to forget others less forntunate. I'm now hitting 22 and my acne is almost completely gone. ( Does this sound like some crap end to a film?.. sorry)
I tried loads of stuff but eventually realised that (my acne at least) was related to tension and stress. I noticed that after days where I felt very comfortable my acne would improve. Everyone kind of knows that acne is related to stress but I took it seriously. I started to learn how to be more comfortable by simply reminding myself all the time "are you comfortable?". I might stick a note by my desk with an "R" on it for relax (noone else would know what it meant). It took a while to notice effects and they were few and far between. I started that 2 years ago. After a year it really started to kick in.
Sorry I cant give better good on techniques on how to achieve it(prehaps with teaching you can do it much quicker than me). I suppose the big thing for me was learing how to relax my abdomen. I guess you have to figure what works for you. I hope this doesnt come across wrong, I try and pursuade loads of people to try it. It makes you happier as well!

Good luck

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