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I have been on Differin and Cleocin T since October and I can't begin to tell you the difference in my skin now. I have taken Erythro several times before and it did nothing for me but give me a yeast infection. (YUCK) But I at first was disappointed with the Differin because of the initial breakout. I have used Differin in the past and I think I didn't give it enough time to do it's thing. But now.....all I can say is WOW! I was offered Accutane but since I am very skeptical on using any kind of oral meds I asked to try one more thing. I am still clearing a couple of red spots and it's taking sooooooo long for some reason. I am thinking it might be the Cleocin somehow. But all I can advise is to stick with the Differin. Just stick to it. Your face may have a bad initial breakout but once through that it's a great thing! I think right now Differin also has a rebate of $10.00. I was prescribed the Cleocin to use only once a day and after several weeks I read somewhere that Cleocin should be applied 2 times a day and I now do that. I use the Cleocin in the morning then after it drys I apply the Differin. In the evening before bed I use only the Cleocin. Good luck. Just stick with it for several months and you might like it too.

[QUOTE=zitzapper]i just got back from the derm disappointed as usual. i was going there hoping to get accutane for my mild but persistant acne and i left prescribed some differin topically and some erythromycin orally. Has anyone been prescribed either of these and how did it go for you? any advice is greatly appreciated.[/QUOTE]

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