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Re: For sweetjade1
Dec 25, 2003
Thanks for posting this one seperately cuz I don't remember which post you had asked me this question under =) Anyway, definately see an endocrinologist and tell him/her that your old dermatologist put you on it. How much are you taking daily?

As for me, I am not really taking the spiro. The last time I remember taking it was 2 weeks ago. The time before that 2 weeks ago. My goal was to get my diet or supplement (not taking any, but will be adding fish oils) regimen perfect so that I won't be taking spiro. So far, there's no difference in my skin. I also have been fortunate enough to have been blessed with extra sensitive body hair follicles and that's mainly why I still hold on to the spiro. Although, I have'nt seen an increase in body hair since I've sorta stopped taking spiro. It actually looks like it's still gradually decreaseing ;-)

As for the food questions, I mentioned that over under Karl's thread to me so you might want to check that out. I wil say that I definately had to Eliminate Gluten Grains. Without eliminating these grains, I never would have picked up on the other foods that cause problems. That's why I think people would do best to avoid the refined grains (eating whole grains) or going Gluten Free because I think these are more problematic for us than one would think. Not to mention wheat/gluten is among the top allergens and Intolerant foods!

That's actually how I sorta knew what else to eliminate. I learned about one diet that was stricter than the Gluten Free and opted to try Gluten free (to keep some grains) and eliminated certain other foods from my diet temporarily. Peanuts and Bananas happened to be a few of them. What happened was I started getting cysts as soon as I added them back in. Now the argument for all of these is that they are High on the Glycemic Index and that's what makes the Inflammatory, but I had learned that it was for a different reason. I actually learned that it was because they contained harmful lectins (glycoproteins, some of which cause allergies or intolerant reactions) and that's why you get Arthritis or Inflammation or Cysts when consumed. However if you want to follow this reasoning, [B]the "evil" Lectin Free Diet[/B], you would eliminate not only Gluten Grains (contains lectins and gluten is another glycoprotein), but [B]ALL grains, along with Nightshades, Legumes (peanuts and cashews included), Beans, and Bananas (the odd ball). [/B] That's why I decided I would eliminate only as deemed neccessary.

Therefore that's how and why I ended up with a seeming odd, but customized for me, diet ;-) I don't know why cherries, maybe they are high up on the index but everything I've read says they are good and good for acne. I guess I'm just flat out intolerant to them . I've never seen an allergist nor taken an Intolerant test (they said I wasnt a good candidate). I did get tested to see if I have Celiac Sprue Disease and while I carry a few gluten gliaden antibodies (most healthy people do..) I came up negative to having a Gluten intolerance. Yet...avoidance of gluten brought big changes in my life. So you can't always depend on the experts opinion and it certainly won't hurt to tests things out on your own, at least temporarily.

Say, do you know your blood type? I should actually ask those that have altered their diets to post theirs. According to the Blood Type Diet, Type B and O are intolerant to Gluten and Certain Lectins...that would be my father and myself.

Take care

P.S. Never apologize for having questions and wanting answers =)[/QUOTE]

Thanks for your lengthy answer! I am currently taking 100mg of spiro daily. It works pretty well; I get a few small spots here and there, but it keeps me pretty clear. I just don't like being dependent on meds, especially since I want to get married and have kids someday and I know I won't be able to be on spiro while pregnant.

I refuse to go off spiro until I find a diet or other alternative that I know will work, which probably makes it a little harder to tell the effects that food have on my skin, but since it's still not perfect with the spiro, I think I should be able to tell.

I was on sunfell's diet for about a week and a half. It may or may not have been working, but I felt like I couldn't do any kind of social eating whatsoever, so I decided to try eliminating just dairy for awhile. I'm not sure if this is working because I may have accidentally eaten a couple things that contained dairy. I'm feeling really overwhelmed by the whole thing. I think that if I didnt have to explain my crazy eating to other people (i'm not at all comfortable telling them why I'm doing this), I would definately try sticking with a really strict diet for awhile and see how it goes. I would just tell people that I'm allergic to one thing or another but if i'm constantly changing my diet to see what affects me, it makes it kind of hard.

As for seeing an endocrinologist or an allergist, I think maybe I will try seeing both, although I'm particularly worried that an allergist will look at me like i'm crazy. And, like you said, those tests don't necessarily mean anything, so I fear it may be a big waste of time and money.

Maybe I'll try the paleolithic diet for awhile, since it seems to eliminate everything on sunfell's list plus foods containing lectins. I could just say that I'm sick of all of the crap in food and am trying to eat healthier.
My blood type is actually A, so who knows.

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