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[i][B]My Current [SIZE=1](or when I feel like it)[/SIZE] Road to 100% Clear Skin:[/B][/i]
Hey, I'm human and just because I have all these facts backing this up, doesn't mean that I'm going to just [U]instantly[/U] change my diet. Incorporating my diet into my social life has [B]never[/B] been a problem, but rather finding the time, ingredients, and money to prepare these foods has been. That's actually why I opted to go the long route and as you can see above, my eliminations were all gradual, as I noticed them, and only because it was NECCESSARY. [B]I want ultimate health, but I don't want to starve in the process, so I [U]chose[/U] to do this at my [U]own[/U] pace[/B]. I started this in July 2002 and it will probably be July/August 2004 before I'm done. [U]2 years on the Right Path vs. 10+ years on the wrong...not a bad deal at all [/U] ;-) If I had the money, POOF! I would give away what food I currently have in my house and completely overhaul my kitchen. However I also live with 2 other people (my parents) and one of which (my dad) is trying to do some form of Low Carb as well. Mom though, eats fruits and vegetables more than anyone in the house & doesn't eat "bread", but she's a sugar addict that loves to pick up candies and cookies, etc and it's not even organic/natural baked goods, it has all that junk in it =/

I still eat all of the above foods under the 95% section, but I did eliminate others. I would like to add that because I dropped 80% - 90% of packaged foods (frozen, canned, boxed), due to wheat being in practically everything, [U]my protein intake actually dropped[/U]. [B]So you don't neccessarily have to Carb Count or even Load up on Lots of protein to see improvements[/B]. So anyway, if I tally up what I'm naturally avoiding ( in foods I elminated or I don't crave) or I've intentially eliminated, this is what I get:

*[B]Gluten Grains and derivatives [/B] (wheat, barley, rye,etc) - 100%

*[B]Soda[/B], Pop, Soft Drink (whatever you like to call it) - 100% (never liked the carbonation anyway)

*[B]Peanuts and Cashews[/B] (legumes) - 100%

*[B]Cherries and Bananas[/B] - 100%

*[B]Candy & Gum[/B] (not counting dark chocolate) - 90%

*[B]Oatmeal [/B] (is it gluten or not? No one can decide) - 95% [today I bought some Gluten Free, Milk Free, AND Hydrogenated Oil Free "Oatmeal and Raisen" Cookies from Country Choice....lets see what happens]

*[B]All other Grains[/B] except Corn and Rice - 90% (don't really have the desire to eat the substitute bread products)

*[B]Dairy[/B] - 80% (mainly from prepared food, yogurt, and an occasional taste for ice cream)

*[B]Oranges & Orange Juice[/B] - 75% (some reason I stopped consuming these as often and I'm not certain if they are a factor...citrus bothers my dad)

*[B]Beans/Legumes[/B] - 60%

*[B]Hydrogenated, etc. "bad" Oils[/B] - 50%

The above diet is a combination of the Whole Foods, Paleolithic, Gluten Free, and Anti-Inflammatory Diets (like Perricone's [I]Acne Prescription[/I]) =) Considering all the places that I can breakout, I'm very happy right here, plus I've got much smaller pores and less oil production. However as a female, I've had problems with my hair growth and Birth Control, Spironolactone and Avandia, never improved things for me. My current diet has helped some, but I know that since I'm EFA deficient and recently learned that Hydrogenated oils can cause this problem , that's probably what I need to eliminate next, along with supplementing with Fish Oils. Nonetheless, there's a few possibilites as to why I've still got 1% to deal with :

*IT could be because I haven't eliminated dairy products 100%.

*It could be because I haven't eliminated Partially Hydrogenated/ Hydrogenated/ Trans Fat Oils 100%.

*It could be because I'm still consuming one of the top allergens on a daily basis...Corn. In case you're wondering, [B]Wheat, Soy, Dairy, Corn, Shellfish, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, etc are among the top 12 allergens[/B]....starting to see a pattern?

*If I really want to be strict with myself, It could be because I haven't eliminated all grains 100%.

They are all [U]valid[/U] arguments when it comes to this whole low carbing - hormone mess. If that's what it comes down to, in time (gotta learn to cook) I know I can do it. I've researched this and found books, recipes, and "substitues," so I can definately live off of no grains. Of course, no matter which of the above or combination I eliminate, if I want cake, cookies, a sandwich, pizza, pancakes (yes there are OTHER flours)...chances are I'll be using a mix or cooking from scratch about 90% of the time. In that sense, for some, I think it's easier to just give up certain tendancies, but if you can (learn to)'ve got the whole world of gourmet & delicacies in your hands. Oh and of course, much improved health and CLEAR skin. ;-)

In fact, Karl, here's a thread I actually started with the purpose of showing people what they can eat [url][/url] . I'll bump it and hopefully some people will add recipes or foods they like to the list. Including their specific Dietary Regimen with a listing of the types and brands of foods that they are capable, and most importantly, do eat regularly. That way it will be easier for people to visualize ALL the foods that they too can eat, despite changing their diet.. I must go finish some wrapping and baking (peppermint and toffee most of it away, but I've gotta start cooking somehow) now, but I hoped that helped some people feel less overwhelmed or discouraged about this. What you said makes sense and I'll think about some sort of regimen including dietary suggestions, etc. I honestly think it can be very fun, especially when you have support...I guess that's why we have this board.

Take Care

P.S. Karl, eat Gluten Free Bread if you must. It's good that you eliminated wheat, but Rye is another top Gluten Grain. Others seemed to have done well with Spelt (bumped into some spelt cookies today) but it is also a gluten grain. You might find that you'd have better progress eliminating all gluten grains. If you are clear now though, your skin will definately let you know of you are staying on the right track or have veered off ;-)

P.P.S. Today I also bought some Pecan and Smokehouse Flavored Almond Nut Thins (made from rice, nut, and potato flours) from Blue Diamond (Growers Co-op). I must admit they taste much better than the Chedder Rice Crackers, but....I still don't really like the texture so ...won't be a 2nd buy.

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